What is IPTV, how does it work and how do I implement it in my hotel? #2

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The advantages of IPTV in the hotel industry: Mirroring and streaming (Netflix, Disney+, etc.)

Two expressions that summarize the performance of IPTV: flexibility and user-friendliness

Here are 7 advantages of implementing IPTV solutions in the hotel industry: 

  1- Mirroring: smooth simultaneous broadcast of different programs (TV, cell phone, PC, tablet, etc.). This function is useful because guests do not need to search from the TV. With their smartphones or tablets, they can connect and broadcast their content to the TV set in the room with a few clicks.

   2- Streaming: streaming platforms are very successful, especially with Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, OCS, etc. Many users have an account in these different platforms. Allow your customers to always be on the lookout for the latest series and follow them during their stay. Using these applications does not require you to subscribe to them. Guests will be able to access the streaming directly via Chromecast. Absolutely no fees!

   3- Wi-Fi: a must-have technology that facilitates the process of connecting and using IPTV solutions. Not equipping your hotel with Wi-Fi is like tasting great champagne in a plastic cup, it’s unthinkable! We can help you find the right Internet service provider, Wi-Fi terminals, software and captive portal…just let us know what you need.

   4- Airplay and Chromecast: Airplay is an application that allows you to stream or share content from Apple devices on Apple TV, compatible smart TV or Mac. Your guests will love to use Airplay! 

Chromecast is a connected device from Google that allows guests to comfortably access all their favorite entertainment from the hotel room TV. Let your guests “cast”! 

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   5- Interface TV: the visual appeal is essential for seducing guests, whilst the fluidity of the tool cannot be overemphasized. An aesthetic interface is nice, but it must imperatively be functional and easy to use. At DirectStreams, it is presented in grids (one graphic grid per section), you can choose the vertical menu with the menu tree on the left for example. Your customers will be able to navigate and enjoy the features of the product with the interactivity of our DS One solution (greeting message, direct message from PMS, group message, Group Management, VOD, Cast, Mirroring, PMS Interface, Weather, TV Channels, Radio stations, etc.). 

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In addition, via our Cloud back office, you will be able to centralize and manage IPTV interface profiles for all hotels in the same group.

   6- Android, IOS, VOD: customers have various smartphones, android, iOS latest generations and want to have access to the best connection in hotels. With the range of IPTV services we offer, it is essential to provide Wi-Fi, VOD, Live TV, BYOD…for your hotel and keep your guests happy. Generally, packs of more than 90 movies in several languages are available in VOD with a monthly renewal done remotely on your servers directly (3-4 modified movies).

   7- Personalization of message and additional services: A pleasant welcome is an asset when receiving your guests. Propose to personalize TV interfaces to the hotel’s colors or to match an event (e.g., Valentine’s Day, Christmas, themed evenings…). Also, make your reservation services available via the interface, before or during the stay, whether it is for a SPA service, relaxation or another activity within the hotel. The more you anticipate your clients’ needs, the more satisfied they will be, the more they will be eager to check into your hotel and maybe make a future reservation!