What is IPTV, how does it work and how do I implement it in my hotel? #3

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Solutions by DirectStreams: benefits and easy installation

At DirectStreams, we offer innovative and easy-to-install solutions like DS One and DS First.

They are:

  • Flexible
  • Hybrid
  • Simple
  • Dynamic
DS One Portal

DS One !

Our solution provides a premium experience for your guests and allows them to connect via our WebApps.

From a web portal that is entirely customized to your hotel’s colors, your guests will be able to use the features via our “contactless” application with a QR code (One Scan, One Click, One Touch!) and will have access to all your services from their mobile devices (IOS and Android). And for this, no download will be necessary on the Stores.

With this application, your customers will be able to prepare their stay by booking various services, organize their trip as they wish and arrive without worrying about on-site reservations. Without any hassle, they will board the plane with peace of mind. Access to the application is available in the hotel and outside during the stay.

DS one offers a wide range of services to provide great customer experience:

  Contactless check-in check-out

Contactless payment

Hotel information and special offers

Product and service discovery

Concierge service

DS First !

Interactivity is central to our solutions. Your guests will discover a wealth of your content and will not be able to do without your high-tech equipment.

With DS First, discover the ultimate entertainment experience for hotel guests.

In addition to DS One contactless services, your guests will be able to enjoy live TV channels, VOD movies and streaming services on the TV in their room. 

This service is a brand-new combination of an in-room IPTV solution with an interactive captive portal and a WebApp for your guests’ mobile devices.

DS First is all about guest satisfaction!

  • Integrated Google Chromecast
  • Integrated AirPlay

This solution features four highlights that are guaranteed to deliver customer satisfaction to your guests:

 Unlimited and personalized entertainment: your guests will enjoy their favorite channels, streaming services in all serenity. You won’t need to subscribe to any platforms.

– Centralized configuration and management

– Unforgettable experience: Your guests will be able to use Chromecast and Airplay without ever seeing them, in a matter of seconds!

– Unbeatable return on investment: no need to equip every room, use 15% of devices to serve as many guests as possible.

With DS First, maximize quality and save on quantity.  


Why opt for our solutions?


At DirectStreams, we focus on quality and guarantee the best experience for your customers. Our digital solutions are built to help hospitality companies meet their customers’ needs, build loyalty and increase business.

Our products are fully customizable through our Digital Hub back office. You also benefit from 24/7 remote support.

To learn more, feel free to visit our website: 


Satisfied customers = regular customers

What else?

Feel free to contact us and participate in our demonstration at our showroom or remotely. We will then be able to project the content of the solution in your room as if you were present, knowing that the interface can be customized via our Cloud back-office. A new unique and friendly adventure awaits you with DirectStreams.

So are you curious to discover what our solution and interfaces look like? 

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