What is IPTV, how does it work and how do I implement it in my hotel? #1

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What is IPTV, how does it work and how do I implement it in my hotel?

Is it possible to bring TV back into fashion in hotel rooms? Yes, but how?

The latest IPTV solutions for hotels personalize the function of TV as a communication tool and not just a TV screen that decorates your guests’ room with a virtual fireplace. We offer much more!

IPTV in hotels: a new dawn for television

Nowadays, we might think that television has had its day and may well be on its way to extinction. However, with the new IPTV solutions in hotels, it is once again becoming an essential element of communication and in-room entertainment for guests. With the constant evolution of technological trends, guests are opting more for the use of a smartphone or a tablet. Watching their favorite series on Netflix, an animated movie on Disney+ or entertaining themselves with YouTube videos would be more relevant than flipping through TV programs. Why waste time with the remote control?

For some time now, television has lost its usefulness. However, thanks to the new IPTV solutions for the hotel industry, in-room TV is rising from the ashes. It adapts to new customers and expands the diversity of functionalities to create an environment based on interactivity.

What is IPTV?

IPTV or “Internet Protocol Television” is a communication protocol that allows the transmission and reception of television services via the Internet or any other IP reception medium.

IPTV is used in the hotel industry to characterize a TV solution that offers the addition of intelligent functions to the television, including a customizable interface with the establishment’s colors (logos, images, videos, fonts, etc.).

With an IPTV solution, the TV home portal can be customized by the hotel or used to communicate around an event during the stay (Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Christmas, etc.). The interface gives access to different services available via television.

Guests can watch their favorite shows at will and enjoy live programs like a traditional TV.

How does IPTV work in a hotel?

A well-equipped hotel makes its guests happy. To achieve this, there is nothing better than efficient, high-performance and easy-to-use equipment. Every hotel must be furnished with high-performance multimedia equipment that meets expectations in order to offer quality service and provide added value to its guests.

IPTV is based on the IP protocol and therefore depends on:

  • an underlying IP network infrastructure (Firewall, IGMP Switches and Middleware servers) 
  • IP terminals in the room such as Smart TV or Set-Top box (used for non-IP TVs)

Regarding the reception of TV channels, we can work on different types of infrastructure:

  • Either in Full IP: we will have an IPTV gateway that will convert satellite or terrestrial signals into IP signals in the technical room. Everything will be transmitted back to the Smart TV via the Ethernet/IP network, regardless of whether it’s the portal, TV streams, etc.
  • Alternatively, if you already have a Coax channel distribution infrastructure and an existing headend, which you want to keep, we can absolutely keep it in place. Obviously, the result will be totally transparent for the customer, so they will be on the interface that you see on the screen, and when they go to the TV channels, we will perform the source switch between the IP part and the terrestrial part.