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Our essential tool that makes life easier for the various hotels we work with needs no introduction. Do you want to renew your IPTV installations, offer the possibility to use mirroring services such as Chromecast and AirPlay and control the VOD catalogs available? Do you want to manipulate an hotel management platform like no one else in order to better configure your hotel room profiles? Would you like to group all your hotels into one access point? It is possible if you read the following carefully!


Boost your hotel group with a dynamic management platform


For several years now, we have been implementing a solution specific to DirectStreams: Digital Hub. This administrative interface is a content management platform (CMS) that facilitates the administration and publication of media content (images, videos, audio, pdf, etc.). It also makes it possible to synchronize the management of multiple accounts and user levels (support, administrator, personalization, etc.).

We are concerned about the difficulties that hotel groups may encounter. A good facility alone is no longer sufficient, it is necessary to be able to meet customers’s needs with the best technology on the market. To offer a unique experience, let’s start with an excellent management from an intuitive and flexible interface. Indeed, being able to manage the content of each in-room profile generates positive reviews and interaction of the services offered by the hotel. To manage multiple properties, operations are centralized on the Digital Hub.  

Manage your hotels' communication from our back-office

Creating a relationship with your customers is like starting a new love story based on trust and communication. From our back office, communication with your customers is made easy. A request for information arrives on the platform, you receive a notification and you can respond directly by message to the room concerned.

Nowadays, writing a message is easier than calling or going directly to the hotel reception. Guests are more comfortable than ever with this remote digital system. You can easily set up a personalized communication. This way, you can opt for a 100% autonomous use of our products and services.


Maximize your sales, get reservations and orders seconds!

Many of our partners and collaborators recommend the interface made in DirectStreams! Whether it is before or during their stay, selling your services can have an added value in the eyes of your customers. Thanks to an easy-to-access and user-friendly interface, you can receive orders and reservations live. Handle your customers’ requests while maximizing your employees’ time.

Thanks to a free management, you can use and seamlessly configure customer profiles: VOD, streaming, in-room messages from the PMS (Property Management System). New hotel trends are within your reach. By adopting online services for each of your properties, you are ensuring a better investment in marketing and distribution. Optimize your performance and easily manage your online reviews.

Benefits of using our multi-property management system

interactive multimedia hotel management platform

With Digital Hub, you can explore several features such as:

  • Duplicate, customize and share common services for your entire hotel group
  • Integrate content on another property
  • Remotely check profile updates and room visuals (preview interfaces on TV screen)
  • Download content quickly
  • Check the availability of VOD catalogs
  • Manage various cloud features

Thanks to DirectStreams’ solution, each hotel can easily customize its guest interfaces as well as those of the common areas. By choosing the desired services, you can treat your guests to more than just a dream suite and stunning views! Also, during an event, if you want to personalize the profile with the colors of the event in every participant’s room, just create a specific profile. It’s up to you to think big!

That’s why the Digital Hub is a tailor-made solution for an efficient management of your hotels (customer reservation, personalization of the interfaces in the room, display of the different paid or included services…). Bookmark us now!

Note: at each check-out, all customer data is deleted.

Having a problem on the hotel management platform, need help?

Don’t panic, DirectStreams has a support team that is ready to listen to you and can offer you a reminder at any time on the different steps to take. We focus on customer relations and quality services.

In case of failure or misunderstanding about the management of our Digital Hub back-office, we accompany you until the problem is solved.

Are you intrigued by our multi-property management system? We are happy to answer all your questions.


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