Free VOD for hotels :
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Put the classic VOD aside. 
Start a new movie with new VOD, the one that hotel guests love!
DS First offers a turnkey solution with over 100 movies on the menu.


An unstoppable VOD service with a complete catalog for your hotels

Installing VOD allows your guests to watch the latest movie releases. From blockbusters to romantic comedies, from Pixar films to the latest Disney movies, find a selection of films for your customers’ movie nights.

VOD rhymes with smart TV: soon in your hotels

By integrating video-on-demand into your hotels’ Smart TVs or Samsung and LG TV screens, you can offer other options for guests who do not necessarily have a Netflix, Disney+ or Prime Video subscription. Add value to your interactivity and your guests will come back for a unique stay in your hotels.

DS First including VOD = a turnkey solution for your hotels

At DirectStreams, we adapt to your current hotel infrastructure.

That’s why, we offer several free packages for your guests’ rooms:

  • 24 Hollywood movies
  • 24 Disney movies
  • and 48 films in the “Adult” category

How it works

In the room, the Free VOD for hotels service presents itself as a movie cover with the synopsis displayed below. Basically, as if you were on a streaming platform.


Thanks to the hotel’s back office, you can activate the features according to the room profile.

Also, a monthly update is done remotely on the “On-Premise” servers that we install in your hotel:

  • 3/4 multilingual movies are replaced each month
  • 4 to 6 languages according to the availability of the studios

For security reasons, VOD catalogs are encrypted from the servers to the televisions.

DS First, way more than a solution !

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