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DS Connect is a secure Wifi portal designed in your image for your guests and visitors.

Security and Privacy When Using Public Wi-Fi in a Hotel

Before users can connect to a public Wi-Fi network, they must first be redirected to a secure captive portal. This portal typically displays the Terms of Service (ToS) of the internet service provided by the hotel.

Depending on its policies, the hotel may also require users to provide additional personal information to strengthen the authentication process. This data may include names, email addresses, dates of birth, etc. However, this will only be done with the visitors’ prior consent.

This will make it possible to archive all the connections of the guest’s equipment, which may be requested by authorities, including the judicial police or agencies specialized in the fight against terrorism. Note that the refusal to provide this information is punishable by a €30,000 fine.


DS Connect, A Marketing Tool for Your Products and Services

Discover our connection portal (or captive portal), the essential step for your public connections! In addition to ensuring full compliance with current regulations, this tool offers optimal visibility to showcase your products, services, and special offers. With full customization, this portal becomes your second showcase to communicate effectively with your guests.

Take advantage of it to captivate your audience and boost your reputation!

The Captive Portal: Gateway to Your Guest Wi-Fi Network

Imagine being able to set up the first page your guests see when they connect to your WiFi network, and customize it as you wish. That’s where the captive portal comes in! At DirectStreams, we offer you an all-in-one solution to manage this essential feature.

The captive portal is the gateway to your Wi-Fi network and the first interaction of your guests and visitors with your hotel.

internet services - portal wifi
internet services wifi portal

Offer Quality Internet Experience with DS Connect

DS Connect is a privileged and essential entry point to communicate about your products and services. This Wi-Fi portal is smooth, aesthetic, and comprehensive for your guests and visitors. Our solution is tailored to meet the needs of your clientele, whether you are a hotel or a hotel group catering to the public.

Indeed, this entry point allows you to customize the login page with your colors and brand while respecting the access conditions you have defined.

Easy and Fast Login

Offer your guests an exceptional, secure Wi-Fi connection experience with our Captive Portal. Before logging in, your guests are redirected to a personalized and secure captive portal to read the ToS of your internet service. And for even more security, you can even strengthen the authentication process by requesting that your guests provide certain personal information (name, date of birth, email, etc.).

Assure your guests of a safe and easy Wi-Fi connection with our Captive Portal!

With DS Connect, your guests can connect quickly and easily to the internet without any complications. We offer several connection options, including via a pre-defined username and password, a connection ticket, etc. 

Internet Services - Portal captive Wifi
internet services wifi

Bandwidth Control and Pricing

DS Connect allows you to control bandwidth and ensure high-quality connectivity for all your users. We offer bandwidth management and client throttling features to avoid saturation and quality degradation.

Additionally, our Wi-Fi captive portal also offers bandwidth pricing plans to meet the specific needs of each guest and visitor (service freedom package, connection duration, etc.). By prioritizing these pricing plans, you can offer a high-end internet experience while maximizing your profitability.

DS Connect's Key Features

  • Secure Connection  : Users connect safely and without interruption
  • Compliant with Legal Obligations : Archiving of Internet connections, Antiterrorism Law (1), Hadopi Law (2), RGPD Regulation (3)
  • Fluid and Intuitive Interface : User-friendly for users (guests and visitors)
  • Customizable Portal : In your customer space, the captive portal is fully customizable
internet services - portal captive wifi

1)As per the anti-terrorism law (LCT of January 23, 2006), professionals providing Internet services must be able to trace user activity and keep logs for one year on an unalterable medium.

2) Public WiFi portals must be able to filter illegal download sites and, in certain cases, prohibit access to these sites in accordance with the “Hadopi” decree of December 29, 2009.

3) In line with the Regulation for the Protection of Personal Data (RGPD), public WiFi portals must obtain explicit authorization from users to use their data. Companies must appoint a data protection officer with the necessary skills to carry out this mission.

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