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With the widespread use of digital technologies, hotels must offer Wifi connection to their guests. However, this practice is subject to some legal rules, particularly to ensure the security of customer data.

This article aims to present the legal obligations to be respected in terms of Wifi in hotels, as well as recommendations for successful compliance. We will also address the importance of using a service provider to ensure effective implementation.

Legal obligations to be respected in terms of Wifi in hotels

Implementing a Wifi solution in a hotel is subject to certain legal obligations. First of all, it is necessary to comply with current regulations, particularly the Law for Confidence in the Digital Economy (LCEN) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)*. The hotel manager is also responsible for the security of guest data. It implies putting in place appropriate protection measures. In case of non-compliance with these obligations, the hotel manager may be subject to sanctions that can result in significant fines.

The National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties (CNIL) can impose sanctions for violations of personal data protection, which can result in fines of up to 4% of the company’s annual global turnover. In addition, the hotel may also be sued by aggrieved guests, resulting in significant damages.

Regarding legal obligations in terms of Wifi in hotels, the LCEN requires that users be clearly informed in advance of the access and use of the network modalities. This obligation can be met by implementing a secure captive portal allowing customers to access all necessary information as well as the terms and conditions of the hotel’s Wifi use.

Moreover, the GDPR imposes strict rules on collecting and processing guests’ personal data. The hotelier must ensure that the data collected is used only in the context of providing the Wifi service and that they are protected against any fraudulent use. It is also worth noting that hotel guests have the right to request access, rectification, erasure, or portability of their personal data, as well as to object to their processing.

Therefore, hotels must comply with legal obligations regarding Wifi. They must avoid sanctions and ensure the security and confidentiality of their guests’ data.

Recommendations for successful compliance

For a successful implementation of the Wifi solution, some steps need to be followed. Choosing a service provider specialized in installing Wifi solutions for hotels is essential. They can guarantee compliance of the installed solution and assist the hotel in implementing appropriate security measures.

Next, it is advisable to deploy a secure captive portal to access Wifi, to inform customers of current security rules, and sensitize them to the importance of protecting their personal data. Finally, it is essential to ensure that customers are educated about WiFi security rules.

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In conclusion, the implementation of a Wifi solution in a hotel is subject to certain legal obligations. It is essential to comply with these obligations to ensure the security of guests’ data and avoid sanctions. Successful compliance will allow you to offer a quality experience to your guests while guaranteeing their data security. To this end, you must be accompanied by a service provider specialized in installing Wi-Fi solutions for hotels. You guarantee effective implementation that complies with current legal obligations.


*In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), public Wifi portals must clearly obtain users’ permission from users to use their data. Companies must appoint a data protection officer with the necessary skills to carry out this mission.

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