TV Entertainement System : reinventing customer experience with DS First !

More than just a TV, DS First allows your guests to be entertained and watch all their content from their devices. Discover our IPTV entertainement system…

The DS First experience in a few words

First of all, DS First is a multimedia solution combined with a WebApp that makes your hotel guests feel at home. They can stream content from their devices to the TV via Chromecast or Airplay.

Then, DS First is the easy-to-use IPTV solution that reinvents the customer experience. The seductive and scalable, we offer a solution with graphical tile interfaces that can be customized to your colors via our Digital Hub platform. Simply enrich the content of your interfaces with your own media (images, pdf, videos, audio, slideshows…) whenever you want.

Tile-based interface by Direct Streams IPTV ENTERTAINEMENT SYSTEM

Opt for simplicity and reliability and optimize your income !

  • Direct access to all TV channels (coaxial, full IP, ethernet network management)
  • Ultra-fast in-room installation & competitive total cost of ownership
  • Rich interactive experience & unlimited entertainment
  • Content delivery via Chromecast/AirPlay
  • No in-room Chromecast/AirPlay device installation
  • Remote management from the cloud
  • Interactive hotel services
  • 24/7 bilingual support

With DS First, break the rules and innovate with ease !

Also, our solution is the new indispensable means of communication between your guests and your hotel team.

Due to our solution, facilitate your customer journey and stewardship by equipping your rooms with our IPTV system and its associated WebApp. Your guests will be satisfied and informed, and you will boost your additional sales by promoting your activities during their entire stay.

The connected TV integrates with the WebApp, bringing real added value to inform and communicate in a few clicks!


DirectStreams accompanies you and offers you a unique experience

We provide you with full support throughout the deployment process. Our experts manage the installation and configuration to guarantee you a quality service and avoid unpleasant surprises. 

In the room, we deploy the software on the television and our simplified, intuitive, and easy-to-use remote control. Two models are available depending on the category of your facility.

With our solution, simply choose what works best for you and have :

  • A perfect combination of our DS First in-room IPTV solution and our DS One WebApp
  • Free to Guest VOD catalogs
  • Chromecast and Airplay service for all your guests without in-room equipment
  • Very simple remote controls, without unnecessary buttons
  • Personalized support

Want to find out more ?

iptv entertainement system

DS First IPTV Friendly Interfaces

Change your look as you like!
Whatever the season, the place, the event … your look on demand!

Your Business, Your Rules
Customize the DS First interface entirely with your brand’s colors, logos, fonts, backgrounds, and more. Make it yours.

Get Started with Templates
Built-in templates allow you to take advantage of streamlined interfaces as you get started with DS First. You can then customize it as you go.

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