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Our solution Chromecast & AirPlay for hotels : DS FIRST

Google has released several generations of Chromecast in its panel. With DS First, your hotel is equipped with the third generation ensuring a fast and reliable in-room connection.

 The future of entertainment can save your guests from boredom !


What is AirPlay?

It is THE mirroring solution or “mirror screen”

AirPlay is Apple’s most innovative and easy-to-use mirroring solution. If your hotel is not equipped with APPLE TV but has compatible Smart TVs, you will make your guests happy! Movies, videos, photos or presentations, on the TV screen, broadcast what you like.

How to use AirPlay

It’s easy! Access the “Airplay” icon on your Iphone or Ipad and that’s it! Your content streams to your TV.

What is Chromecast?

It’s THE ultimate streaming solution

Chromecast is the most popular and widespread streaming solution today.

With this feature, your hotel guests can watch Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, OCS, YouTube or other streaming apps from their smartphone.

How to “Chromecast”

Easily, you use your Android/iOs device to connect via Google Home or from your laptop in the personalization tab by clicking on “Cast…”


Let's improve your hotel facilities together

Stop throwing money away by investing in expensive, content-poor solutions.

Revolutionize in-room entertainment, save time and money by focusing on customer satisfaction.

A unique experience means offering a wide range of entertainment and interactivity at your fingertips.


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