Discover one of our IPTV experiences : free VOD to customers

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Discover one of our IPTV experiences : free VOD to customers

In today’s digital age, hotel managers must be able to meet the expectations and satisfaction of their guests. Improving the customer experience has become a difficult but an essential task to uphold your online reputation. With the quality of services and technologies (Wi-Fi, internet link, type of content offered on in-room TVs, Chromecast and Airplay streaming…) made available to them, customer experience will be further enhanced and their feedback will boost your reputation on the internet and Discover one of our IPTV experiences.

In order to set yourself apart from the competition, promote loyalty, but also attract new customers to increase your revenue, investing in a content-rich and interactive in-room TV system becomes necessary.

During their stay, your guests are constantly on the lookout for entertainment options. Impress your guests with the latest Hollywood movies! So go ahead and install free VOD with DirectStreams!


Install Free VOD with Hollywood Movies for your guests !

At DirectStreams, we offer solutions adapted to your customers’ needs. Among the multitude of our services, we offer VOD Free to Guest. With video on demand, you can offer a wide selection of 100% Hollywood movies to your guests. 

Complete packages of 24, 48 or 96 films available in multiple languages:

  • Hollywood movies: latest releases 
  • Children’s movies: cartoons and animated films
  • Packages: flat rate or free for customers
  • Adult movies: available on demand

With a monthly renewal made remotely, you can update your content (3-4 movies changed).

That’s why DirectStreams offers multiple services to satisfy your guests. The right solution to free VOD is DS First! The more content you offer, the more your guests will appreciate the built-in comfort in each room. Comedies, action, blockbusters, animations…you will have a wide selection of movies accessible from the TVs in the hotel room. Without obligation, guests can watch movies or rent them in high-definition (if you want to make them pay-per-view). 

Disney, Marvel, Pixar...offer free VOD to your customers !

If you choose a reliable, efficient and effective IPTV solution, rich in content and interactivity, your guests won’t be able to do without your free to guest entertainment. In addition to Hollywood movies, they will also enjoy a wide range of Disney, Marvel and Pixar movies.

In recent years, the price of Free to Guest content has risen significantly. It is therefore essential to look for competitively priced packages. However, quality should not be overlooked! A reliable offer is an out-of-the-box solution with the ability to grow as your hotel grows.

Watching movies for free, having access to the latest movies in VOST or available in multiple languages ensures good entertainment and without registration.

How does it work ?

Nothing could be simpler, at DirectStreams we adapt to the existing infrastructure of your hotel, whether you are equipped with Full IP or a hybrid network (Wi-Fi & coaxial).

Typically, our hotel customers subscribe to packages offered free of charge to in-room guests, consisting of:

  • 24 Hollywood movies, 
  • 24 Disney movies, 
  • and 48 adult films 

A monthly renewal takes place remotely on the ‘On Premise’ servers that we install within your hotel:

  • 3 or 4 multilingual films changed each month
  • 4 to 6 languages depending on the availability from the studios

For security reasons, VOD catalogs are encrypted from the servers to the TV set.

In the room, VOD service is presented in the form of film posters with a simple description per film. 

Select the available language and watch the movie in your room (see below).

If you want to delight your film-loving customers, install these streaming platform and free VOD in every room! This will enhance customer experience as well as boost your revenue.

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