Hotel guest experience : How to encourage guests to spend more via their in-room TV?

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Hotel: How to encourage guests to spend more via their in-room TV?

More than ever, hotel guest experience is a key issue in the hotel industry. So why not rely on an attractive and efficient platform to attract your guests by using in-room TVs? You are probably thinking: “should we install VOD or Netflix in our hotel rooms? we got it all”. Wrong! Let’s step it up a notch! With technology constantly evolving, the demand for remote services on the rise, it’s time to take a look at these new habits that must be considered. For example, with the current health crisis and environmental concerns, we are favoring digital content and phasing out paper media.

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Optimize your guests' arrival with our back-office interface : Digital Hub

Every hotel has specific objectives to attract customers to their establishment rather than to other hotels. Being far from home sometimes imposes constraints on your business or vacation. It is therefore essential to make your guest’s stay pleasant by offering them a range of entertainment and interactive activities.

At DirectStreams, we offer two solutions to equip your rooms: DS One and DS First.

With our back-office, Digital Hub, you can configure your guests’ interface and even customize it for a specific occasion (wedding, St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas, Easter, etc.). To give your guests a warm welcome in their hotel room, a personalized welcome message always makes an impact! Thanks to the PMS and its remote connection, you and your team can set up the room.

Furthermore, the interface presented in the room works in graphic tiles per heading and can be transposed to the left of the screen or to the right in a tree-like fashion. You are free to configure the layout of the menu, choose the headings or set the number of menus. To display the hotel’s content (images, videos, slideshows…), you can integrate them as a menu in the interface and make them run in a loop, for example. It’s flexible, simple and aesthetic! 

And to top it all off, we offer you new user training to familiarize you with our service.

Promote your hotel's activities through TV!


Have you opened a casino in your hotel? Would you like to promote your latest activities without forcing your way and increase your additional sales?

We’ve got you covered! Preparing for the arrival of customers is like rolling out the red carpet, you use your best resources. Indeed, if the trip has been long, what could be better than discovering a comfortable, spacious, well-equipped room or suite that meets the guest’s expectations. Thanks to our solutions, you can display on the TV screen the different activities and events not to be missed during their stay in your hotel. 

For example, your marketing team has set up an advertising video or a slideshow summarizing an upcoming Karaoke or Casino night, it is essential to display it on the TV screen of each room.

Depending on the different customers, you adapt the content and the proposals according to their needs and desires. In a few seconds, a set of colors and images, a catchy message, an effective promotion can make the difference and convince your customers to stop by!

How to set up payment on in-room TV: offer reservation services

What you need to know, your guests can already start using the WebApp of our solution before arrival. After confirming their reservation by email, you can send them the link to the application. They will then be able to access information and make reservations to better prepare their trip. Before or during their stay, in or out of the hotel, they have access to the application. Keep in mind that today’s generation spends most of their time glued to their smartphones. So your customers will have no problem checking out any information via their mobiles rather than on the TV.

After their arrival, your guests can consult the hotel’s menu or buy and book a service (massage, SPA, tourism, food…). A digital room service has all the chances to provide a unique experience in your hotel, as well as to leverage your employees’ time rather than answering the phones. Here is some information you can find on the TV screen: 

  • Check-in Check-out service
  • Access to media content
  • Various services offered by the hotel
  • Access to the menu 
  • Hotel rules
  • And much more!

By highlighting your multiple services, you will encourage your guests to place orders and reservations. This way, your hotel can generate more sales and increase your revenue.

With our turnkey solutions, your hotel group or your hotel will be equipped with efficient, reliable and easy-to-use products and services.

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