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In the competitive world of the hospitality industry, providing an exceptional stay experience is essential for retaining customers and standing out from the competition. At DirectStreams, we understand the importance of every detail in creating unforgettable moments for your guests. That’s why we present our in-room guest hospitality solutions that revolutionize the way hotels interact with their guests:

  • Group Management
  • Guest Message

DirectStreams aspires to be much more than just a provider of IPTV solutions; we collaborate with you to deliver a unique and memorable customer experience at every stage of their stay. Our solutions are designed to meet the evolving needs of the high-end hospitality industry and to anticipate the expectations of the most demanding guests.

IPTV Interface connected to the PMS
DirectStreams Group Management Feature

A warm welcome upon arrival is essential for creating a positive first impression. Our Group Management solution ensures that every guest feels immediately comfortable, welcome, and personally attended to.

DirectStreams Group Management Feature Interfacing With Major PMS players

For example, one of our flagship services, “Group Management,” allows you to customize the IPTV interface according to specific events your guests are participating in during their stay. Imagine being able to tailor the TV interface in the rooms of these corporate seminar attendees: this is made possible by our innovative feature.

So, each guest will feel special and pampered, with a customized experience that exceeds their expectations. At check-in, the system automatically recognizes the event and the guest’s profile, configuring the interface for that specific event without any effort from the staff. At check-out, the profile reverts to the hotel’s standard IPTV interface. Our solutions streamline processes, allowing hotel staff to provide a seamless and effortless experience.

DirectStreams Guest Messages Feature Interfacing With Major PMS players

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond these features. For example, consider a guest who forgets their suitcase at the airport. Once the information is relayed to the reception and the guest is settled in their room, our system, integrated with the hotel’s PMS, allows them to be directly informed via their in-room television that their suitcase has been found and is safely at the hotel. A reassuring personalized message appears, confirming the imminent delivery of their suitcase. This attention to detail creates unforgettable moments. 

At DirectStreams, every interaction is an opportunity to create precious memories. We are delighted to provide innovative solutions that transform every stay into an exceptional experience.

DirectStreams Guest Messages

Offer To Your Group Of Guest A Unique Experience​

Discover how DirectStreams can help you deliver world-class service and stand out in a competitive market. Together, let’s create unforgettable stay experiences and build lasting relationships with your guests. Join us in our initiative to redefine the customer experience in the hospitality industry and make every stay memorable.

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