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PMS is at the very core of hotel management today, offering numerous possibilities for connecting with other IT systems (POS, key system, CRS, CRM, etc.). Seamless integration between two entities is essential to optimize hotel operations, enhance guest experience and increase overall efficiency. With the innovative DS First solution, you can effortlessly connect your TVs with your Property Management System, unlocking exciting new communication avenues with your hotel guests.


Whether your preference lies with renowned platforms or specialized PMS providers, our solution ensures smooth compatibility with these systems. As a result, hotels can enjoy a seamless connection with their preferred management tools, avoiding compatibility issues that can slow down operations.

Interfacing with Major PMS Market Players

First and foremost, DS FIRST, developed by DirectStreams, stands as an advanced interface designed to simplify and enhance the connection between your IPTV system and PMS. This cutting-edge technology enables hotels to seamlessly integrate with leading players in the PMS market. Acting as a virtual bridge, DS FIRST grants hotels access to advanced PMS features while delivering an optimized user experience.

What’s more, the interface offers intuitive, user-friendly navigation, enabling hotels to efficiently manage all essential functionalities. Standout features include centralized TV equipment management, automated TV profile changes, and transaction visualization. Additionally, the inclusion of pre-check-in drastically reduces guest waiting times.

Optimized Management with The DS FIRST Interface

DS FIRST goes beyond mere PMS connectivity, offering streamlined operational management through advanced features. Centralized TV equipment management (CI-CO) enables efficient control and instant updating of TV profiles according to specific criteria. Transparent invoice visualization facilitates financial management, while pre-check-in significantly reduces waiting time on customer arrival.

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Enhanced Communication and Seamless Interaction

Optimized connections offer numerous advantages in the hotel sector. Firstly, seamless integration enables more efficient management of operations, reducing errors and delays. Furthermore, it enables better communication and seamless interaction with guests through personalized messaging via the PMS. Additionally, hotels can provide a seamless and personalized WiFi connection per room, thereby enriching the guest experience throughout their stay.

It is worth noting that while DS FIRST connects to leading PMS providers for IPTV solution management, it complements rather than replaces other interfaces such as the telephone, restaurant systems, or spa software. It does not interfere with the connection between the PMS and the hotel’s other software, which remains the establishment’s central management system (reservation, arrival, departure, billing, etc.).

Benefits for Hotels and Guests: A Combination of Our Solution and Your PMS

By combining DS FIRST with your PMS, hotels and guests can reap a myriad of benefits. Hotels benefit from improved operational efficiency thanks to optimized connection with PMS. Communication and interaction with guests are enhanced, promoting a unique guest experience. In addition, TV profile management is simplified, enabling changes to be made based on specific criteria. It offers a bespoke experience for every customer. Hotels also have access to advanced features such as service billing and online store integration, opening up new business opportunities.

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Exploit the Full Potential of Your Hotel's PMS

DS FIRST represents a powerful solution for facilitating communication between hotels and PMS. Unlock new revenue streams and deliver unparalleled entertainment experiences to your guests!

Place your trust in our technology to establish and maintain robust connections with all hotel management systems (PMS). Adopting our interface allows your hotel to transform its operations, elevate the guest experience, and achieve unmatched efficiency.

Seize this exceptional opportunity to leverage our innovative solution and elevate your competitiveness in the ever-evolving hospitality industry.

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