What are the benefits of the tile-based interface by DirectStreams for your hotel?

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To further enhance your user experience, you may be thinking about investing in new and better technology. At DirectStreams, we’ve found the miracle solution to change your look : Tile-based interface! Here’s how it works.

Today, it’s no longer a question of whether or not you should offer IPTV solutions in your hotel. The TV solution must offer new intelligent functions through its customizable interface with the colors of your hotel, for example (logos, images, fonts, videos, etc.). That’s why we’re presenting you with the different benefits of adopting our solution with its “Grid” or “Trail” interface.

Tile-based interface by Direct Streams

Customization of your interfaces with DS First

Change your look whenever you want! With the possibility to modify your interfaces, it’s up to you to highlight an event, a season, or a theme in a few settings. From standard tile profiles “Grid” or “Trail”: summer, winter, weddings, skiing, beach…we offer different themes and moods to welcome your guests. This is more than a virtual fireplace you can find on YouTube. Here, we think about the details and finishes, those that make the difference and captivate your customers’ interest.

Ease of use for your hotel and staff


Our DS First solution is as easy to use as an automatic car. Every staff member with administrative rights can take over the Digital Hub portal. Keep in mind that the Digital Hub is an interactive platform that manages the smooth running of in-room offerings, including TV screens. For example, you can broadcast your events, highlight a hotel activity and offer room services and reservations in two or three clicks via the in-room remote control. You don’t need a degree or a Ph.D. in engineering to understand and use our platforms and “gadgets.” Everything is designed to make your life easier and save time because…time is money !

Ergonomics and visibility of the tile-based interface

What could be more beautiful than an ergonomic design and a stunning visual that appeals to your guests? For example, the UX designer’s mission is to create a simple and pleasant user experience. Their job is to design systems that satisfy users throughout their searches, purchases, etc. At DirectStreams, we work along the same lines. Our technology is constantly evolving; thanks to this, we can bring even more fluidity to our intuitive tile-based interfaces. Two lines scrolling at the bottom of the screen for the “Grid” version and only one line scrolling at the bottom of the screen for the “Trail” version.

Tile-based interface by Direct Streams
Tile-based interface by Direct Streams DS First

Proper identification of your hotel

Your hotel or your group must conform to a graphic charter. It’s time to step it up a notch. You don’t need to go too far; just aim for the right thing. You need to refresh your image, and we have just the right tools for the job. With our flagship solution DS First, your guests can follow you via the WebApp; you can apply it in the room and/or in the common areas – “Grid” or “Trail” tile. You have the option to choose what works best for you. 

Your hotels = your rules 

Personalize your interfaces with ease; anyone can do it ! Thanks to this little piece of digital technology, showcase all your services.

   > Digital Hub : An innovative management and sharing platform

Distribute your content in real-time and deploy it to all your hotels with just one click 

> Calls to action for your guests 

Use your smart TV screens to entice your hotel guests to book a specific service or other hotel services 

> Remote management 

Remotely control the content of your screens on all your sites via your management platform 

> Display various multimedia content 

Display web pages, images or videos in the order and duration you want

Tile-based interface Digital Hub
Tile-based interface Yoga in the hotel

Increase your hotel's additional revenues

Boost your additional sales with DS First and our incredible Digital Hub platform thanks to our digital signage, and win over your guests in no time. We are convinced that visuals and accessibility can win the hearts of your guests. Suppose you choose to renew all your digital and IPTV installations. In that case, you will modernize both your equipment and your image: screens in common areas, in rooms, portals and interfaces… content distribution is ensured by an aesthetic and adapted display. Our tools allow you to create and broadcast your multimedia content in one or several places in your hotel in order to grab the attention of your audience. Are you convinced?

Here is a summary of the benefits of maximizing the customer experience in your hotels :

  1. Customization/Change of look > catches the guest’s attention 
  2. Easy-to-use > for employees and the group 
  3. Generates more profit > drives additional customer purchases
Tile-based interface by Direct Streams IPTV ENTERTAINEMENT SYSTEM

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