Benefits of Chromecast and Airplay in improving hotel guest experience

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Benefits of Chromecast and Airplay to improving hotel guest experience

It’s great to be on vacation. But, feeling at home is what most travelers are looking for. Today, in 2022, we have a hard time detaching ourselves from our favorite series, our online habits, our entertainment on YouTube, Spotify, Disney + for the younger ones (and adults!).

In this new era, hotel guests’ needs are changing. To improve their experience in your hotel, nothing beats the right installations! It’s important to provide guests with an unforgettable stay and optimal comfort.

Guests may want to watch TV shows, sports, reruns after a busy day on their tablets, smart TVs or mobile devices. 

So let’s take a look at the benefits of these various technologies like Chromecast and Airplay, the little things that work wonders.


What is Chromecast ?

Chromecast is a connected device that links your smartphone to your TV. It is a multimedia accessory that was launched by Google in 2015. 

In a typical setup, a Chromecast plugs into the HDMI port of your television. You then simply connect it to the internet via Wi-Fi with another device like your smartphone, tablet or computer. Once installed and connected to a compatible application, you can watch your current series on a streaming platform, listen to your favorite playlist or organize a “slideshow” evening by viewing your latest vacation photos from among the 1001 applications available on the device (Netflix, Prime Video, OCS, MyCanal, Spotify, Deezer …). 

The multimedia content will appear on your TV screen in a few seconds.

What is AirPlay ?


Airplay is a technology that offers the possibility to broadcast or share videos, photos or songs from your Apple devices on Apple TV using the Bonjour protocol.

To use either application, you simply need a Wi-Fi connection and compatible devices and applications.

So if your guests have the latest iPhone or a MacBook and are not plugged into Windows, they will be able to take advantage of this feature because we all know that with Apple technology, connections and devices must be compatible.

Thus, your ultra-connected customers will be able to follow the news on the networks, use the TV screen available in their room 2.0. 

Being on the lookout for new technological trends helps you to win the loyalty of each new customer and make their stay even more enjoyable.

What are the benefits of installing Chromecast and Airplay in your hotel ?

There are many Benefits of Chromecast to installing Google Chromecast in hotels. In addition to making life easier for your guests, its setup, use and manipulation are very satisfying. This device is not only said to be “easy” but it is very affordable. Also, its compatibility with multiple devices can make a difference to your customer base.

For most people, Chromecast is a tool to stream TV shows and videos without having cable since you can use the TV in the hotel room and watch what you want from websites or apps as well as other TV channels with online content. 

Thanks to Chromecast, your guests can connect via the applications on their phones, always feeling at home and without having to change their little daily habits.

They won’t have to install or configure their apps, or enter their credentials for a new authentication. Customers simply have to scan the QR code on the TV screen to connect. It’s all about sharing with a couple of swipes.

  • Ease
  • Efficiency
  • Speed

Guaranteeing high-tech services means offering a range of gadgets available to hotel guests. Building customer loyalty, collecting positive reviews of your structure regarding the firmness of king size mattresses to the Wi-Fi connection prove to be very useful to increase your booking rate and ensure a better visibility in the hotel business.

This is why installing connected devices would be a great asset for your future bookings.

Opt for the DirectStreams solution

We care about the needs of your hotel and your guests. 

DirectStreams offers a complete range of interactive products for hotels, combined with easy-to-use features for all types of screens (tablet, smartphone, television…).

We have a scalable platform that allows hotels to easily build their ideal solution and choose the features they want to offer to their guests. (Wi-Fi, VOD, TV, Chromecast/Airplay, WebApps…)

The customer needs to be comfortable, so if one of them encounters a malfunction in their room or suite, we have the unique ability to install Chromecasts and Apple TVs in the hotel’s technical room and to intervene without causing the slightest disturbance. No intervention is envisaged in the guests’ rooms. Out of sight, out of mind!

In addition, at DirectStreams, we provide kits with a number of available simultaneous channels, Chromecast and Airplay sessions, and generally size them to 10% of the hotel rooms.

In the event that a Chromecast or Apple TV stops working, the other streaming devices seamlessly take over and cover the connection for your guests. 

Note that since the devices are not installed behind the TVs in your establishment, you can opt for anti-theft and camouflage of high-tech objects.

The streaming and mirroring* service is available in your room at a much more attractive price to ensure the proper use of our IPTV** solutions and other new technologies. 

Indeed, we offer a unique experience and excellent performance of our products. We have more than one trick up our sleeve.

We are your friendly solution, the 007 agent for your network problems :

  • 24/7 continuous remote support
  • A quality after-sales service
  • Discretion and professionalism
  • An unfailing know-how 

How to use the DirectStreams service ?

Airplay and Chromecast are no mystery to all their users and they offer a great experience to your customers, whatever their stay (business or family trip).

We offer customizable products through our “Digital Hub” back-office. You also benefit from a 24/7 remote support service. 

Quick and easy set-up, competitive cost served on a platter with our DS First solution, a new combination of an in-room IPTV solution with an interactive portal and WebApp for your customers’ mobile devices.

“Enjoy every moment, feel at home wherever you are”.

Would you like to welcome your potential guests with these words and make them feel at home in your hotel? 

The service we offer is up to the task, so don’t wait any longer

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*Mirroring: duplicate images from a mobile device to a TV screen

** IPTV: or IP Television is a form of television broadcast via a network that uses Internet Protocol (examples: video on demand, game on demand…)

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