Cloud-based IPTV : The entertainment revolution for hotels

Cloud-based IPTV : The Entertainment Revolution for Hotels

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cloud hotel

The television industry has undergone a radical transformation in recent decades, from satellite dishes to cables, and from broadcasting to the internet. One of the most notable advancements is IPTV (Internet Protocol Television), which allows the streaming of TV content over the Internet. Today, a new trend is emerging: cloud-based IPTV, made even more accessible through plug-and-play Smart TVs. In this article, we will explore this IPTV revolution, its benefits, and how you can take advantage of it..

What is Cloud-based IPTV?

Cloud-based IPTV enables the streaming of television shows, movies, and other content from remote servers stored in the Cloud. Unlike traditional TV broadcasting methods that require cables or satellite dishes, cloud-based IPTV simply utilizes an internet connection to deliver content to the TV set.

This solution offers numerous advantages. Firstly, it provides enhanced flexibility, allowing users to access their favorite shows from anywhere in the world, as long as they have a stable internet connection or access to Wi-Fi. Additionally, it offers a greater variety of content. Providers can easily update and expand their program libraries without the need to modify physical infrastructure.

cloud iptv hotel
cloud iptv hotel

Plug-and-Play Smart TV: The Key to Accessibility

One of the main barriers to IPTV adoption was the complexity of setup. Users had to purchase special boxes, configure complicated network connections, and navigate through cumbersome menus to access their favorite shows. However, all of this has changed with plug-and-play Smart TVs.

If you’re not familiar, a plug-and-play Smart TV is a television equipped with an intelligent operating system such as Android TV, webOS, or Tizen. It makes the cloud-based IPTV experience as effortless as possible. With these TVs, you no longer need additional boxes or lengthy, challenging setups. Simply plug in your TV, connect to the internet, and access a wide range of IPTV applications directly from the home screen.

The 5 Advantages of Smart TV Plug-and-Play for Cloud-Based IPTV

1- User-Friendly : Plug-and-play Smart TVs are intuitive, allowing even less tech-savvy users to navigate the interface and find their favorite content with ease.

2- Cost Savings : No need to invest in additional equipment, reducing the overall costs of setting up your IPTV system.

3- Access to Diverse Applications : Plug-and-play Smart TVs provide access to a multitude of IPTV applications, offering a wide selection of channels and content to your guests.

4- Automatic Updates : Software updates are managed automatically, ensuring that the TV stays up to date with the latest features and optimal performance.

5- Integration with Other Services : You can also integrate other streaming services such as VOD, Chromecast, Airplay, Netflix, OCS, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube on the same device. A complete entertainment experience is guaranteed!

cloud iptv hotel

IPTV and the Cloud: Two-in-One Solutions for Your Hotel

Cloud-based IPTV with plug-and-play Smart TVs represents the next step in television evolution. This technology offers unprecedented accessibility, an unmatched variety of content, and user-friendly features that make the TV viewing experience more enjoyable than ever. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with hotel management systems through specially designed PMS (Property Management System) interfaces.

If you’re looking to modernize the entertainment experience in your hotel, consider upgrading to plug-and-play Smart TVs in each room, integrating them with a PMS interface. This will allow you to personalize the TV experience for your guests, offering content tailored to their needs. TV channels, radios, room directories—everything is there, with a customizable and intuitive interface that ensures fluidity, aesthetics, and speed. Bring Cloud-based IPTV to your hotel guests. It’s the future of television, just a remote control away.

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An Innovative Solution to Prevent Negative Reviews on TripAdvisor

An Innovative Solution to Prevent Negative Reviews on TripAdvisor

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Claire B.

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In today’s digital landscape, online reviews play a crucial role in consumer decision-making. TripAdvisor, one of the leading travel platforms, is known for its reviews and feedback on hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions. Unfortunately, negative reviews can have a significant impact on an establishment’s reputation. However, an innovative solution is emerging to prevent these negative reviews and enhance the overall traveler experience. That’s what we’ll explore in this article.

reviews webapp

The Importance of TripAdvisor in the Tourism Industry

TripAdvisor has become an indisputable authority for tourists seeking information and reliable recommendations. Travelers share their experiences, rate establishments, and leave detailed comments about the places they’ve visited. Negative reviews can directly impact the reputation of a hotel, restaurant, or attraction, discouraging potential guests and resulting in financial losses.

The Power of Online Reviews

Today, online reviews are gaining credibility and influence. Consumers attach great importance to the experiences of other travelers when choosing an establishment. Recent studies reveal that over 90% of individuals consult online reviews before finalizing their purchasing or booking decisions. Furthermore, negative reviews possess the capacity to propagate swiftly, thereby necessitating a proactive approach to online reputation management.

reviews feedback
reviews hotel ds one

The Innovative Solution: DS One - Preventing Negative Reviews

To prevent negative reviews on TripAdvisor, the DS ONE Instant Feedback solution has been purposefully crafted for hotels. This cutting-edge platform equips hotel establishments with a proactive approach to managing their online reputation while concurrently enhancing the experience of their guests.

DS ONE Instant Feedback uses a combination of advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and real-time analysis of customer feedback. Hotels that adopt this solution benefit from an instant feedback system, allowing them to gather opinions and concerns from customers during their stay.

Through our solution, hotels can quickly identify potential issues and take immediate corrective actions. Guests have the opportunity to share their concerns directly with the establishment, fostering open and constructive communication. Hotels can provide personalized solutions and rectify any issues even before they are voiced on public platforms, such as TripAdvisor.

Data Confidentiality: A Top Priority

All collected information is securely and confidentially processed, ensuring the protection of guests’ personal data.

Furthermore, the data collected by DS ONE Instant Feedback is strictly used to provide hotel establishments with the necessary information to improve their services and interactions with guests. This data is not shared with third parties without explicit guest consent. It is exclusively utilized within the framework of continuous service quality improvement processes.

webapps ds one

Strengthening Online Reputation and Delivering a Positive Traveler Experience through Innovative Solutions.

In conclusion, thanks to solutions like the one we offer, hotels can safeguard themselves against negative reviews on TripAdvisor. Identify and promptly address guests’ concerns.

By integrating DS ONE Instant Feedback into their operational processes, hotels can improve their customer service, strengthen their online reputation, and ultimately attract more satisfied customers. This solution also offers travelers a more pleasant and transparent experience by enabling them to communicate their concerns directly to establishments.

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Simplify Your Life with DS FIRST Interface and Integration with Leading PMS

Simplify Your Life with DS FIRST Interface and Integration with Leading PMS

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Claire B.

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PMS is at the very core of hotel management today, offering numerous possibilities for connecting with other IT systems (POS, key system, CRS, CRM, etc.). Seamless integration between two entities is essential to optimize hotel operations, enhance guest experience and increase overall efficiency. With the innovative DS First solution, you can effortlessly connect your TVs with your Property Management System, unlocking exciting new communication avenues with your hotel guests.


Whether your preference lies with renowned platforms or specialized PMS providers, our solution ensures smooth compatibility with these systems. As a result, hotels can enjoy a seamless connection with their preferred management tools, avoiding compatibility issues that can slow down operations.

Interfacing with Major PMS Market Players

First and foremost, DS FIRST, developed by DirectStreams, stands as an advanced interface designed to simplify and enhance the connection between your IPTV system and PMS. This cutting-edge technology enables hotels to seamlessly integrate with leading players in the PMS market. Acting as a virtual bridge, DS FIRST grants hotels access to advanced PMS features while delivering an optimized user experience.

What’s more, the interface offers intuitive, user-friendly navigation, enabling hotels to efficiently manage all essential functionalities. Standout features include centralized TV equipment management, automated TV profile changes, and transaction visualization. Additionally, the inclusion of pre-check-in drastically reduces guest waiting times.

Optimized Management with The DS FIRST Interface

DS FIRST goes beyond mere PMS connectivity, offering streamlined operational management through advanced features. Centralized TV equipment management (CI-CO) enables efficient control and instant updating of TV profiles according to specific criteria. Transparent invoice visualization facilitates financial management, while pre-check-in significantly reduces waiting time on customer arrival.

pms ds first
hotel pms communication

Enhanced Communication and Seamless Interaction

Optimized connections offer numerous advantages in the hotel sector. Firstly, seamless integration enables more efficient management of operations, reducing errors and delays. Furthermore, it enables better communication and seamless interaction with guests through personalized messaging via the PMS. Additionally, hotels can provide a seamless and personalized WiFi connection per room, thereby enriching the guest experience throughout their stay.

It is worth noting that while DS FIRST connects to leading PMS providers for IPTV solution management, it complements rather than replaces other interfaces such as the telephone, restaurant systems, or spa software. It does not interfere with the connection between the PMS and the hotel’s other software, which remains the establishment’s central management system (reservation, arrival, departure, billing, etc.).

Benefits for Hotels and Guests: A Combination of Our Solution and Your PMS

By combining DS FIRST with your PMS, hotels and guests can reap a myriad of benefits. Hotels benefit from improved operational efficiency thanks to optimized connection with PMS. Communication and interaction with guests are enhanced, promoting a unique guest experience. In addition, TV profile management is simplified, enabling changes to be made based on specific criteria. It offers a bespoke experience for every customer. Hotels also have access to advanced features such as service billing and online store integration, opening up new business opportunities.

Latest IPTV Solution pms

Exploit the Full Potential of Your Hotel's PMS

DS FIRST represents a powerful solution for facilitating communication between hotels and PMS. Unlock new revenue streams and deliver unparalleled entertainment experiences to your guests!

Place your trust in our technology to establish and maintain robust connections with all hotel management systems (PMS). Adopting our interface allows your hotel to transform its operations, elevate the guest experience, and achieve unmatched efficiency.

Seize this exceptional opportunity to leverage our innovative solution and elevate your competitiveness in the ever-evolving hospitality industry.

To learn more about our range of solutions, read our latest articles here or visit us here.

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How can WebApps improve guest experience in the hotel industry ?

How can WebApps improve guest experience in the hotel industry ?

Claire B.
Claire B.

Web Writer

Table of Contents

The hotel industry thrives on providing an unparalleled guest experience, recognizing its pivotal role in guest satisfaction and loyalty. In an increasingly competitive market, hotels continuously seek innovative methods to improve guest experience and stand out from the crowd. Web Applications (WebApps) has emerged as a game-changing solution. In this article, we will explore the benefits of WebApps in the hotel industry and how they can significantly enhance the guest experience.

wifi hotel portal captive
  • Improved communication and guest engagement

WebApps facilitate seamless communication and increase guest engagement with the hotel. Features such as live chat and push notifications enable direct and instant interaction between the hotel and guests. Guests can ask questions, request additional information or express concerns, and the hotel can respond quickly and effectively. This real-time communication strengthens exchanges between the hotel and its guests, creating a relationship of trust.

Benefits of Web Applications in the hotel industry

  • Accessibility and convenience for guests :

WebApps offer unrivaled accessibility to guests. Through these web applications, guests can seamlessly reserve accommodations and avail themselves of hotel services via any mobile device. The era of relying solely on desktop computers or making cumbersome phone calls is effectively eclipsed. Online reservations, contactless check-in and check-out, as well as access to vital hotel information, have been seamlessly streamlined through the power of WebApps.


  • Personalized Guest Experiences via WebApps :

By analyzing guests’ preferences and needs, web applications can offer tailored recommendations, exclusive offers and personalized services (interfaces, etc.). For example, if a guest has a penchant for an ocean-view room, the WebApp will be able to recommend suitable rooms and even offer special deals, enticing them to make a reservation.

Examples of practical applications in the hotel industry

WebApps have many practical applications in the hotel industry. Here are a few concrete examples :

  • Reservations and Service Management Applications

An array of WebApps enables guests to reserve rooms, spa services, activities, and more. These versatile applications streamline the reservation process, incorporating intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. Moreover, they optimize operational efficiency by automating reservation management, thereby reducing potential errors. This empowers hotel staff to devote greater attention to delivering a superlative guest experience, infused with personalized services.


internet services wifi portal
  • Virtual Concierge Services

WebApps grant guests seamless access to a virtual concierge service. By harnessing these capabilities, guests can obtain bespoke recommendations tailored to their stay – ranging from local restaurants, tourist activities to transportation bookings. This immersive and personalized experience allows guests to fully explore their destination, obviating the need for additional research.

  • Interactive and Entertaining Guest Experiences:

Finally, WebApps offer a plethora of interactive features. Guests can embark on virtual tours of hotel facilities, indulge in digital photo booths, partake in interactive games, or benefit from interactive tourist guides. These features add a fun dimension to the guest experience. Virtual tours allow guests to discover the hotel’s different facilities. Even before they arrive at the hotel, they can explore the rooms, communal areas, swimming pools and restaurants. So make the most of the strengths of a web app !

Enhancing the pre- and post-guest experience

To offer a comprehensive and unforgettable guest experience, enhancing the pre- and post-stay experience is essential. WebApps seamlessly facilitate a range of functionalities, including pre-stay information, special request management, and post-stay offers. As such, they contribute to guest satisfaction from reservation to check-out.

webapps ds one

Our DS ONE solution for an optimal guest experience

Introducing DS ONE – an all-encompassing Web Application for hotels, guaranteeing the best possible guest experience. DS ONE stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment to delivering an extraordinary guest experience. Distinguished by its unrivaled personalization capabilities, concierge services, multi-device accessibility, and virtual remote-control functionality, DS ONE empowers hotels to curate bespoke guest experiences, while providing a superlative range of high-end services.

At DirectStreams, we remain steadfast in our dedication to pioneering digital solutions and enriched experiences. Our expertise transcends the confines of IPTV as we forge indispensable tools to revolutionize the hospitality landscape, elevating the guest experience.

Would you like to find out more about our services? We’d be delighted to hear from you.

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Chromecast IPTV

DirectStreams’ Chromecast Solution Hotel : The Key to Limitless Entertainment

DirectStreams' Chromecast Solution for hotels : The Key to Limitless Entertainment

Claire B.
Claire B.

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Table of Contents

Introduction to our Chromecast Solution hotel

In a world where technology is ubiquitous, hotel guests are seeking an enhanced television experience, as entertainment remains an essential element for their satisfaction.

Hotels are looking for innovative SaaS solutions to offer a quality entertainment experience to their guests. DirectStreams’ Chromecast solution can be the answer to this growing demand. This solution allows guests to access a wide variety of content from their streaming accounts on the TV in their hotel rooms, providing a personalized and immersive TV experience.

Chromecast solution hotel

How Does Our Chromecast Solution hotel Work ?

Our Chromecast solution is a plug-and-play streaming system that works with most modern televisions, such as LG and Samsung Hospitality TVs. It is easy for hotel guests to install and use.

Guests simply connect their smartphones to their hotel room television. Once connected, they can access their favorite content (podcasts, shows, music, online videos, etc.) directly from their own Netflix or Amazon Prime account.

By providing Chromecast in your hotel rooms, you can significantly improve the user experience. You can configure and manage televisions to offer a personalized entertainment experience. Many hotels are already using our solution successfully, and guest feedback on using the feature is overwhelming.

Compatibility with Different Types of Hospitality TVs

First and foremost, it is necessary to properly set up the televisions and Wi-Fi network to ensure a seamless experience.

Our Chromecast solution is compatible with a wide range of televisions, including LG and Samsung Smart TVs. It is also compatible with iOS and Android devices, allowing guests to stream their own content from their own devices.

As a result, hotels can reduce the costs associated with setting up an entertainment system in every room. By allowing guests to stream their own content, the hotel does not need to provide many TV channels or movies.

DVB-T2 Chromecast solution hotel tv
TV Chromecast solution hotel

Benefits of Use for Hotel Guests

Using our Chromecast service offers many benefits to your guests. They can watch their favorite content on a larger screen and enjoy superior image quality. In addition, they get a good user experience. They do not need to learn how to use a new remote control or navigate complicated menus. Finally, it lets your guests choose the content they want to watch, offering a more personalized entertainment experience. Thus, your guests have access to their favorite content and stream it to the hotel’s TVs. 

Moreover, compatibility, ease of use, quality, personalized experience, and cost savings for the hotel are the best selling points for TV content delivery. If you provide excellent service, positive feedback will make a difference!

By providing several types of in-room packages, you increase the chances of loyalty and spending. For example, a video-on-demand service or access to streaming platforms (Netflix, OCS, Prime Video…) should be included in the standards.

Conclusion and Recommendations

At DirectStreams, we offer an innovative SaaS entertainment solution for hotels. We provide a tailor-made entertainment experience for guests while allowing hotels to maintain a consistent user experience. Additionally, our solution remains easy to use and compatible with a wide range of TVs and operating systems.

Thus, we highly recommend this solution for hotels looking to offer the best to their guests.

In summary, our technology is ideal for hotels looking to improve their guests’ entertainment experience. We offer many benefits for hotels, as listed above. So what’s stopping you from adopting it in your hotel?

Chromecast solution hotel

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Hotel WiFi : good practices and compliance requirements

Hotel WiFi : good practices and compliance requirements

Claire B.
Claire B.

Web Writer

Table of Contents

Wifi hotel

With the widespread use of digital technologies, hotels must offer Wifi connection to their guests. However, this practice is subject to some legal rules, particularly to ensure the security of customer data.

This article aims to present the legal obligations to be respected in terms of Wifi in hotels, as well as recommendations for successful compliance. We will also address the importance of using a service provider to ensure effective implementation.

Legal obligations to be respected in terms of Wifi in hotels

Implementing a Wifi solution in a hotel is subject to certain legal obligations. First of all, it is necessary to comply with current regulations, particularly the Law for Confidence in the Digital Economy (LCEN) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)*. The hotel manager is also responsible for the security of guest data. It implies putting in place appropriate protection measures. In case of non-compliance with these obligations, the hotel manager may be subject to sanctions that can result in significant fines.

The National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties (CNIL) can impose sanctions for violations of personal data protection, which can result in fines of up to 4% of the company’s annual global turnover. In addition, the hotel may also be sued by aggrieved guests, resulting in significant damages.

Regarding legal obligations in terms of Wifi in hotels, the LCEN requires that users be clearly informed in advance of the access and use of the network modalities. This obligation can be met by implementing a secure captive portal allowing customers to access all necessary information as well as the terms and conditions of the hotel’s Wifi use.

Moreover, the GDPR imposes strict rules on collecting and processing guests’ personal data. The hotelier must ensure that the data collected is used only in the context of providing the Wifi service and that they are protected against any fraudulent use. It is also worth noting that hotel guests have the right to request access, rectification, erasure, or portability of their personal data, as well as to object to their processing.

Therefore, hotels must comply with legal obligations regarding Wifi. They must avoid sanctions and ensure the security and confidentiality of their guests’ data.

Recommendations for successful compliance

For a successful implementation of the Wifi solution, some steps need to be followed. Choosing a service provider specialized in installing Wifi solutions for hotels is essential. They can guarantee compliance of the installed solution and assist the hotel in implementing appropriate security measures.

Next, it is advisable to deploy a secure captive portal to access Wifi, to inform customers of current security rules, and sensitize them to the importance of protecting their personal data. Finally, it is essential to ensure that customers are educated about WiFi security rules.

internet services wifi portal captive DS
Solution Hotel Wifi - Webapps

Choose THE Wifi solution for your hotel

In conclusion, the implementation of a Wifi solution in a hotel is subject to certain legal obligations. It is essential to comply with these obligations to ensure the security of guests’ data and avoid sanctions. Successful compliance will allow you to offer a quality experience to your guests while guaranteeing their data security. To this end, you must be accompanied by a service provider specialized in installing Wi-Fi solutions for hotels. You guarantee effective implementation that complies with current legal obligations.


*In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), public Wifi portals must clearly obtain users’ permission from users to use their data. Companies must appoint a data protection officer with the necessary skills to carry out this mission.

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Yoga in the hotel industry : a unique experience for wellness travelers

Yoga in the hotel industry : a unique experience for wellness travelers

Claire B.
Claire B.

Web Writer

Table of Contents

Yoga is the new trend for relaxation and wellness travelers. And hotels are catching on! More and more hotels are offering yoga classes to their guests to help them relax and regain their inner balance.

But are yoga classes in your hotels, without a teacher, possible? And what do hotels and guests stand to gain? We’ll tell you all about it!

TV Chromecast solution hotel
Yoga in the hotel

Are yoga classes in your hotels possible without a teacher ?

Yes, you read that right! Many hotels have implemented innovative solutions to allow their guests to do yoga at any time of the day without needing a teacher. But how’s that possible? With virtual yoga classes available on in-room TV screens. Indeed, hotel guests can practice yoga on their own, following on-screen instructions. This solution responds to the needs of guests looking for well-being and sets your hotel apart from the competition by offering a unique customer experience.

That’s why we are offering you an ideal solution through our content catalog. Do you want to enrich your offers and include relaxation for yoga lovers away from home? From meditation to relaxation, from well-being to hatha yoga, discover a complete catalog with different teachers. You will find exercises tailored to meet all the needs of your guests.

How hotels can benefit from yoga to enhance guest experience and improve guest satisfaction

Offering yoga classes in your hotel can benefit hotels in many ways. First, it helps meet the growing demand of guests seeking wellness and relaxation. In addition, yoga classes can enhance guest experience by providing an additional activity during their stay while reinforcing the hotel’s brand image. Finally, by offering yoga classes on TV, hotels can save on the cost of hiring a teacher and offer a solution that is accessible to all. Build customer loyalty with increasingly interactive activities!

Guest benefits: how yoga can help guests relax, sleep better, and improve their mental and physical health

The benefits of yoga for clients are numerous. By practicing regularly, guests can relax, reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality, and more. Yoga can also help improve flexibility, strength, and breathing and help relieve body aches and pains. Finally, in-room yoga classes allow guests to practice at any time of the day without leaving the room.

In conclusion, offering yoga sessions in your hotel is a way to meet the growing needs of wellness-seeking guests while providing a unique experience and enhancing your brand image. As for the guests, yoga is an age-old practice that can benefit their mental and physical health in several ways. So, allowing them to relax and re-energize on their own is a great way to ensure they have a precious moment. So, are you ready to try yoga in your hotel?

DirectStreams offers a complete yoga catalog for your hotels

At DirectStreams, we are committed to providing you with the latest and most innovative IPTV solutions. Here, we focus on well-being and its benefits.

We offer several types of video classes for your guests looking for a wellness break or for those curious to try yoga. Our yoga catalog is composed of short or long exercises with different categories: strength training, well-being, challenge, meditation, Ashtanga, etc. From their room, they can turn on the smart TV or the installed screen, and in a few seconds, start doing their yoga exercises.

With this comfort, gentleness and kindness, your clients will feel at home and be able to do a few sessions (10 mins or 40 mins, for example) at any time of the day!

Yoga in hotel

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The transition to DVB-T2 (UHD, 4K, 8K, HEVC, H265); what impact will it have on my hotel? We reveal everything!

The transition to DVB-T2 (UHD, 4K, 8K, HEVC, H265); what impact will it have on my hotel? We reveal everything!

Claire B.
Claire B.

Web Writer

Table of Contents

The transition to the DVB-T2 digital terrestrial television standard is underway in many countries, impacting hotels. To ensure a satisfactory customer experience, it is essential that hotels prepare adequately for this switchover.

Awareness is the first step to preparing hotels for the transition to DVB-T2. Hotel managers must understand the impacts of this transitional phase and how they can be prepared to minimize disruption.

It is crucial to check the DVB-T2 transition schedule by region, as dates can vary from country to country. This will allow hotels to effectively plan their preparation by anticipating the deadlines.

Better anticipate the future by reading this article!

DVB-T2 Chromecast solution hotel tv
VOD for hotels TV

Benefits and drawbacks of DVB-T2 for hotels

DVB-T2 (Digital Video Broadcasting – Terrestrial 2) is the latest digital terrestrial television (DTT) broadcast standard, offering many benefits for hotels, such as improved picture and sound quality, a wider variety of broadcast channels, and better resistance to interference.

However, upgrading to DVB-T2 can also come at a high premium for hotels, as well as the need to broadcast simultaneously in DVB-T and DVB-T2 during a transition period and the need for new equipment for hotel guests to receive digital terrestrial television using DVB-T2.

Benefits for hotels

  • Improved picture and sound quality for hotel guests: DVB-T2 offers improved picture and sound quality with features such as HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) and AC-4 (Audio Coding 4) on Samsung TVs, Smart TVs, etc. Hotel guests can enjoy a more immersive and enjoyable viewing experience.
  • More broadcast channels to offer a variety of content: DVB-T2 allows more channels to be broadcast simultaneously, allowing hotels to offer a wider variety of content for their guests. This can include local and international TV channels,  VOD (video-on-demand) movies, and live sporting events.
  • Better interference resistance (smoothness, better channel reception):
  • DVB-T2 uses a more advanced channel coding system that allows for better interference resistance. Smoothness and stability, even in areas where there is electromagnetic interference.
drawbacks dvb-t2

Drawbacks for hotels

  • High cost of upgrading TV equipment :

Upgrading can be costly for hoteliers. Existing equipment, such as set-top boxes, receivers, and DTT antennas, must be replaced with DVB-T2 compatible models.

  • Need to broadcast simultaneously in DVB-T and DVB-T2 during a transition period :

Some customers may still be using equipment that does not support this technology. It is, therefore, necessary to continue broadcasting in DVB-T to satisfy these customers during the transition period. This means that hotels have to invest in two different broadcast systems, which can be costly and complicated to manage. But it is important to note that this transition period is temporary and that DVB-T equipment will be gradually replaced by DVB-T2 compatible equipment.

In conclusion, the transition to DVB-T2 technology can offer significant benefits to hotels in terms of image and sound quality for hotel guests, variety of content, and a smooth viewing experience. Therefore, the costs associated with upgrading TV and broadcasting equipment (smart TV, 4k HD, Samsung or LG TV) and the need to broadcast simultaneously in DVB-T and DVB-T2 during a transition period must be taken into account.

What is a reliable solution for a low-cost DVB-T2 transition?

In summary, transitioning to DVB-T2 is a challenge to hotels, but by being well-informed and well-prepared, the impact on hotel guests can be minimized. Therefore, it is essential to educate hotel management, plan around the transition timeline, and communicate effectively with guests to ensure a satisfactory customer experience.

Fortunately, there are alternatives for hotels that want to improve customer experience without having to invest in expensive equipment.

What are they? Which ones?

IPTV solutions, such as those offered by DirectStreams, allow your hotels to offer live, on-demand TV channels and personalized content while providing a customized experience for each guest.

By opting for our solution, your hotels can set themselves apart from your competitors by offering a unique, customized, and superior experience to your hotel guests.

To learn more, contact us!

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Get a sneak peek at our latest IPTV solution: DS AIR CAST

Get a sneak peek at our latest IPTV solution : DS AIR CAST

Claire B.
Claire B.

Web Writer


Reduce your energy usage while providing your customers with the access to their favorite applications, 100% secure and FULL CLOUD!

Chromecast GEN3 shutdown is no longer a problem for you !

Table of Contents

At DirectStreams, we pride ourselves on improving our IPTV solutions and offering our hotel guests the latest innovations. We are committed to meeting your needs and those of your guests by adapting to technological developments.

You have to meet the needs of your guests during their stay in your hotel at all times. At the cutting edge of innovation, we offer you our latest solution: DS AIR CAST

That’s why we recommend you read this article!


DS AIR CAST IPTV solution in a nutshell :

What if you adopt an innovative streaming technology that is cheaper than a traditional solution? DS AIR CAST is the best way to get the most out of your investment.

In a few words, DS AIR Cast is the combination of two Cast services created by Google & Apple. You will find all their features in our new technology.

If you have already read our previous articles, you should already know what Chromecast or Airplay is.

As a reminder, Chromecast is a connected device from Google home, launched in 2015, allowing you to connect your smartphone to the TV. AirPlay is a technology developed by Apple that will enable you to broadcast or share your content (videos, photos, music, etc.) from your Apple devices (tablet, iPhone, MacBook…) on your APPLE TV. The only difference is the compatibility of the accessories that can be used with the technologies developed by Apple.

DS AIR Cast is much more than a streaming or mirroring service; it is CAST on demand in your hotels!

How does DS AIR CAST work ?


You have access, from your hotel and via DirectStreams Cloud, to all streaming devices without any hardware at home!

We distinguish ourselves by not installing any equipment in hotel rooms to avoid clutter and inconvenience to your guests (e.g., technical intervention in the room).

To use it, your guests simply connect via the hotel’s Wi-Fi and scan the QR code in the streaming service displayed on the TV screen (Chromecast or Airplay). From their own smartphones, guests can use their compatible apps and watch their favorite series or be entertained with online media content, etc.

Our high-performance equipment gives your guests the freedom to stream without paying or subscribing to a TV service with paid features and channels. These days, trends are changing, and so is customer experience! Be on the lookout for the little extras that change how people use services and avoid offering overly complicated services.

The 6 benefits of installing our DS AIR CAST solution in your hotels

  1. Easy to use: the user guide is the size of a QR code, and your guest can easily interact with the device.
  2. Zero maintenance: zero intervention in the room; everything is done out of sight in the Cloud
  3. Secure connection: protect your guests’ data
  4. Fast: Quick and efficient installation and start-up
  5. Anti-theft prevention: the devices are not installed in the room but in a secure room
  6. Valuation of your service: satisfied customer = benefits !

Why invest in DS AIR Cast ?

Because time is precious nowadays, and hotel guests don’t waste their time on complex functionalities.

A QR Code, a smartphone, a TV screen, and that’s it!

Building customer loyalty and collecting positive feedback on the comfort of the hotel room, the activities offered or the Wi-Fi connection can be beneficial for boosting your booking rate and ensuring a better understanding of the hotel environment.

What are the benefits of our solution?

You benefit from non-stop streaming devices and offer your guests uninterrupted use.

Our streaming and mirroring services are available in-room at a more attractive price. We offer a unique experience, so get ready to jump on board.

Latest IPTV Solution pms

Choose the right package !

At DirectStreams, we guarantee the best for your hotels:

–  24/7 remote assistance

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What are the benefits of the tile-based interface by DirectStreams for your hotel?

What are the benefits of the tile-based interface by DirectStreams for your hotel?

Claire B.
Claire B.

Web Writer

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To further enhance your user experience, you may be thinking about investing in new and better technology. At DirectStreams, we’ve found the miracle solution to change your look : Tile-based interface! Here’s how it works.

Today, it’s no longer a question of whether or not you should offer IPTV solutions in your hotel. The TV solution must offer new intelligent functions through its customizable interface with the colors of your hotel, for example (logos, images, fonts, videos, etc.). That’s why we’re presenting you with the different benefits of adopting our solution with its “Grid” or “Trail” interface.

Tile-based interface by Direct Streams

Customization of your interfaces with DS First

Change your look whenever you want! With the possibility to modify your interfaces, it’s up to you to highlight an event, a season, or a theme in a few settings. From standard tile profiles “Grid” or “Trail”: summer, winter, weddings, skiing, beach…we offer different themes and moods to welcome your guests. This is more than a virtual fireplace you can find on YouTube. Here, we think about the details and finishes, those that make the difference and captivate your customers’ interest.

Ease of use for your hotel and staff


Our DS First solution is as easy to use as an automatic car. Every staff member with administrative rights can take over the Digital Hub portal. Keep in mind that the Digital Hub is an interactive platform that manages the smooth running of in-room offerings, including TV screens. For example, you can broadcast your events, highlight a hotel activity and offer room services and reservations in two or three clicks via the in-room remote control. You don’t need a degree or a Ph.D. in engineering to understand and use our platforms and “gadgets.” Everything is designed to make your life easier and save time because…time is money !

Ergonomics and visibility of the tile-based interface

What could be more beautiful than an ergonomic design and a stunning visual that appeals to your guests? For example, the UX designer’s mission is to create a simple and pleasant user experience. Their job is to design systems that satisfy users throughout their searches, purchases, etc. At DirectStreams, we work along the same lines. Our technology is constantly evolving; thanks to this, we can bring even more fluidity to our intuitive tile-based interfaces. Two lines scrolling at the bottom of the screen for the “Grid” version and only one line scrolling at the bottom of the screen for the “Trail” version.

Tile-based interface by Direct Streams
Tile-based interface by Direct Streams DS First

Proper identification of your hotel

Your hotel or your group must conform to a graphic charter. It’s time to step it up a notch. You don’t need to go too far; just aim for the right thing. You need to refresh your image, and we have just the right tools for the job. With our flagship solution DS First, your guests can follow you via the WebApp; you can apply it in the room and/or in the common areas – “Grid” or “Trail” tile. You have the option to choose what works best for you. 

Your hotels = your rules 

Personalize your interfaces with ease; anyone can do it ! Thanks to this little piece of digital technology, showcase all your services.

   > Digital Hub : An innovative management and sharing platform

Distribute your content in real-time and deploy it to all your hotels with just one click 

> Calls to action for your guests 

Use your smart TV screens to entice your hotel guests to book a specific service or other hotel services 

> Remote management 

Remotely control the content of your screens on all your sites via your management platform 

> Display various multimedia content 

Display web pages, images or videos in the order and duration you want

Tile-based interface Digital Hub
Tile-based interface Yoga in the hotel

Increase your hotel's additional revenues

Boost your additional sales with DS First and our incredible Digital Hub platform thanks to our digital signage, and win over your guests in no time. We are convinced that visuals and accessibility can win the hearts of your guests. Suppose you choose to renew all your digital and IPTV installations. In that case, you will modernize both your equipment and your image: screens in common areas, in rooms, portals and interfaces… content distribution is ensured by an aesthetic and adapted display. Our tools allow you to create and broadcast your multimedia content in one or several places in your hotel in order to grab the attention of your audience. Are you convinced?

Here is a summary of the benefits of maximizing the customer experience in your hotels :

  1. Customization/Change of look > catches the guest’s attention 
  2. Easy-to-use > for employees and the group 
  3. Generates more profit > drives additional customer purchases
Tile-based interface by Direct Streams IPTV ENTERTAINEMENT SYSTEM

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