Yoga in the hotel industry : a unique experience for wellness travelers

Yoga in the hotel industry : a unique experience for wellness travelers

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Claire B.

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Yoga is the new trend for relaxation and wellness travelers. And hotels are catching on! More and more hotels are offering yoga classes to their guests to help them relax and regain their inner balance.

But are yoga classes in your hotels, without a teacher, possible? And what do hotels and guests stand to gain? We’ll tell you all about it!

Yoga in the hotel

Are yoga classes in your hotels possible without a teacher ?

Yes, you read that right! Many hotels have implemented innovative solutions to allow their guests to do yoga at any time of the day without needing a teacher. But how’s that possible? With virtual yoga classes available on in-room TV screens. Indeed, hotel guests can practice yoga on their own, following on-screen instructions. This solution responds to the needs of guests looking for well-being and sets your hotel apart from the competition by offering a unique customer experience.

That’s why we are offering you an ideal solution through our content catalog. Do you want to enrich your offers and include relaxation for yoga lovers away from home? From meditation to relaxation, from well-being to hatha yoga, discover a complete catalog with different teachers. You will find exercises tailored to meet all the needs of your guests.

How hotels can benefit from yoga to enhance guest experience and improve guest satisfaction

Offering yoga classes in your hotel can benefit hotels in many ways. First, it helps meet the growing demand of guests seeking wellness and relaxation. In addition, yoga classes can enhance guest experience by providing an additional activity during their stay while reinforcing the hotel’s brand image. Finally, by offering yoga classes on TV, hotels can save on the cost of hiring a teacher and offer a solution that is accessible to all. Build customer loyalty with increasingly interactive activities!

Tile-based interface Yoga in the hotel

Guest benefits: how yoga can help guests relax, sleep better, and improve their mental and physical health

The benefits of yoga for clients are numerous. By practicing regularly, guests can relax, reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality, and more. Yoga can also help improve flexibility, strength, and breathing and help relieve body aches and pains. Finally, in-room yoga classes allow guests to practice at any time of the day without leaving the room.

In conclusion, offering yoga sessions in your hotel is a way to meet the growing needs of wellness-seeking guests while providing a unique experience and enhancing your brand image. As for the guests, yoga is an age-old practice that can benefit their mental and physical health in several ways. So, allowing them to relax and re-energize on their own is a great way to ensure they have a precious moment. So, are you ready to try yoga in your hotel?

DirectStreams offers a complete yoga catalog for your hotels

At DirectStreams, we are committed to providing you with the latest and most innovative IPTV solutions. Here, we focus on well-being and its benefits.

We offer several types of video classes for your guests looking for a wellness break or for those curious to try yoga. Our yoga catalog is composed of short or long exercises with different categories: strength training, well-being, challenge, meditation, Ashtanga, etc. From their room, they can turn on the smart TV or the installed screen, and in a few seconds, start doing their yoga exercises.

With this comfort, gentleness and kindness, your clients will feel at home and be able to do a few sessions (10 mins or 40 mins, for example) at any time of the day!


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The transition to DVB-T2 (UHD, 4K, 8K, HEVC, H265); what impact will it have on my hotel? We reveal everything!

The transition to DVB-T2 (UHD, 4K, 8K, HEVC, H265); what impact will it have on my hotel? We reveal everything!

Claire B.
Claire B.

Web Writer

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The transition to the DVB-T2 digital terrestrial television standard is underway in many countries, impacting hotels. To ensure a satisfactory customer experience, it is essential that hotels prepare adequately for this switchover.

Awareness is the first step to preparing hotels for the transition to DVB-T2. Hotel managers must understand the impacts of this transitional phase and how they can be prepared to minimize disruption.

It is crucial to check the DVB-T2 transition schedule by region, as dates can vary from country to country. This will allow hotels to effectively plan their preparation by anticipating the deadlines.

Better anticipate the future by reading this article!

VOD for hotels TV

Benefits and drawbacks of DVB-T2 for hotels

DVB-T2 (Digital Video Broadcasting – Terrestrial 2) is the latest digital terrestrial television (DTT) broadcast standard, offering many benefits for hotels, such as improved picture and sound quality, a wider variety of broadcast channels, and better resistance to interference.

However, upgrading to DVB-T2 can also come at a high premium for hotels, as well as the need to broadcast simultaneously in DVB-T and DVB-T2 during a transition period and the need for new equipment for hotel guests to receive digital terrestrial television using DVB-T2.

Benefits for hotels

  • Improved picture and sound quality for hotel guests: DVB-T2 offers improved picture and sound quality with features such as HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) and AC-4 (Audio Coding 4) on Samsung TVs, Smart TVs, etc. Hotel guests can enjoy a more immersive and enjoyable viewing experience.
  • More broadcast channels to offer a variety of content: DVB-T2 allows more channels to be broadcast simultaneously, allowing hotels to offer a wider variety of content for their guests. This can include local and international TV channels,  VOD (video-on-demand) movies, and live sporting events.
  • Better interference resistance (smoothness, better channel reception):
  • DVB-T2 uses a more advanced channel coding system that allows for better interference resistance. Smoothness and stability, even in areas where there is electromagnetic interference.
drawbacks dvb-t2

Drawbacks for hotels

  • High cost of upgrading TV equipment :

Upgrading can be costly for hoteliers. Existing equipment, such as set-top boxes, receivers, and DTT antennas, must be replaced with DVB-T2 compatible models.

  • Need to broadcast simultaneously in DVB-T and DVB-T2 during a transition period :

Some customers may still be using equipment that does not support this technology. It is, therefore, necessary to continue broadcasting in DVB-T to satisfy these customers during the transition period. This means that hotels have to invest in two different broadcast systems, which can be costly and complicated to manage. But it is important to note that this transition period is temporary and that DVB-T equipment will be gradually replaced by DVB-T2 compatible equipment.

In conclusion, the transition to DVB-T2 technology can offer significant benefits to hotels in terms of image and sound quality for hotel guests, variety of content, and a smooth viewing experience. Therefore, the costs associated with upgrading TV and broadcasting equipment (smart TV, 4k HD, Samsung or LG TV) and the need to broadcast simultaneously in DVB-T and DVB-T2 during a transition period must be taken into account.

What is a reliable solution for a low-cost DVB-T2 transition?

In summary, transitioning to DVB-T2 is a challenge to hotels, but by being well-informed and well-prepared, the impact on hotel guests can be minimized. Therefore, it is essential to educate hotel management, plan around the transition timeline, and communicate effectively with guests to ensure a satisfactory customer experience.

Fortunately, there are alternatives for hotels that want to improve customer experience without having to invest in expensive equipment.

What are they? Which ones?

IPTV solutions, such as those offered by DirectStreams, allow your hotels to offer live, on-demand TV channels and personalized content while providing a customized experience for each guest.

By opting for our solution, your hotels can set themselves apart from your competitors by offering a unique, customized, and superior experience to your hotel guests.

To learn more, contact us!

Check out our different articles HERE.


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Get a sneak peek at our latest IPTV solution: DS AIR CAST

Get a sneak peek at our latest IPTV solution : DS AIR CAST

Claire B.
Claire B.

Web Writer


Reduce your energy usage while providing your customers with the access to their favorite applications, 100% secure and FULL CLOUD!

Chromecast GEN3 shutdown is no longer a problem for you !

Table of Contents

At DirectStreams, we pride ourselves on improving our IPTV solutions and offering our hotel guests the latest innovations. We are committed to meeting your needs and those of your guests by adapting to technological developments.

You have to meet the needs of your guests during their stay in your hotel at all times. At the cutting edge of innovation, we offer you our latest solution: DS AIR CAST

That’s why we recommend you read this article!


DS AIR CAST IPTV solution in a nutshell :

What if you adopt an innovative streaming technology that is cheaper than a traditional solution? DS AIR CAST is the best way to get the most out of your investment.

In a few words, DS AIR Cast is the combination of two Cast services created by Google & Apple. You will find all their features in our new technology.

If you have already read our previous articles, you should already know what Chromecast or Airplay is.

As a reminder, Chromecast is a connected device from Google home, launched in 2015, allowing you to connect your smartphone to the TV. AirPlay is a technology developed by Apple that will enable you to broadcast or share your content (videos, photos, music, etc.) from your Apple devices (tablet, iPhone, MacBook…) on your APPLE TV. The only difference is the compatibility of the accessories that can be used with the technologies developed by Apple.

DS AIR Cast is much more than a streaming or mirroring service; it is CAST on demand in your hotels!

How does DS AIR CAST work ?


You have access, from your hotel and via DirectStreams Cloud, to all streaming devices without any hardware at home!

We distinguish ourselves by not installing any equipment in hotel rooms to avoid clutter and inconvenience to your guests (e.g., technical intervention in the room).

To use it, your guests simply connect via the hotel’s Wi-Fi and scan the QR code in the streaming service displayed on the TV screen (Chromecast or Airplay). From their own smartphones, guests can use their compatible apps and watch their favorite series or be entertained with online media content, etc.

Our high-performance equipment gives your guests the freedom to stream without paying or subscribing to a TV service with paid features and channels. These days, trends are changing, and so is customer experience! Be on the lookout for the little extras that change how people use services and avoid offering overly complicated services.

The 6 benefits of installing our DS AIR CAST solution in your hotels

  1. Easy to use: the user guide is the size of a QR code, and your guest can easily interact with the device.
  2. Zero maintenance: zero intervention in the room; everything is done out of sight in the Cloud
  3. Secure connection: protect your guests’ data
  4. Fast: Quick and efficient installation and start-up
  5. Anti-theft prevention: the devices are not installed in the room but in a secure room
  6. Valuation of your service: satisfied customer = benefits !

Why invest in DS AIR Cast ?

Because time is precious nowadays, and hotel guests don’t waste their time on complex functionalities.

A QR Code, a smartphone, a TV screen, and that’s it!

Building customer loyalty and collecting positive feedback on the comfort of the hotel room, the activities offered or the Wi-Fi connection can be beneficial for boosting your booking rate and ensuring a better understanding of the hotel environment.

What are the benefits of our solution?

You benefit from non-stop streaming devices and offer your guests uninterrupted use.

Our streaming and mirroring services are available in-room at a more attractive price. We offer a unique experience, so get ready to jump on board.

Latest IPTV Solution

Choose the right package !

At DirectStreams, we guarantee the best for your hotels:

–  24/7 remote assistance

– Excellent after-sales service

– Discretion and professionalism during meetings

– Unparalleled expertise in the field

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What are the benefits of the tile-based interface by DirectStreams for your hotel?

What are the benefits of the tile-based interface by DirectStreams for your hotel?

Claire B.
Claire B.

Web Writer

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To further enhance your user experience, you may be thinking about investing in new and better technology. At DirectStreams, we’ve found the miracle solution to change your look : Tile-based interface! Here’s how it works.

Today, it’s no longer a question of whether or not you should offer IPTV solutions in your hotel. The TV solution must offer new intelligent functions through its customizable interface with the colors of your hotel, for example (logos, images, fonts, videos, etc.). That’s why we’re presenting you with the different benefits of adopting our solution with its “Grid” or “Trail” interface.

Tile-based interface by Direct Streams

Customization of your interfaces with DS First

Change your look whenever you want! With the possibility to modify your interfaces, it’s up to you to highlight an event, a season, or a theme in a few settings. From standard tile profiles “Grid” or “Trail”: summer, winter, weddings, skiing, beach…we offer different themes and moods to welcome your guests. This is more than a virtual fireplace you can find on YouTube. Here, we think about the details and finishes, those that make the difference and captivate your customers’ interest.

Ease of use for your hotel and staff


Our DS First solution is as easy to use as an automatic car. Every staff member with administrative rights can take over the Digital Hub portal. Keep in mind that the Digital Hub is an interactive platform that manages the smooth running of in-room offerings, including TV screens. For example, you can broadcast your events, highlight a hotel activity and offer room services and reservations in two or three clicks via the in-room remote control. You don’t need a degree or a Ph.D. in engineering to understand and use our platforms and “gadgets.” Everything is designed to make your life easier and save time because…time is money !

Ergonomics and visibility of the tile-based interface

What could be more beautiful than an ergonomic design and a stunning visual that appeals to your guests? For example, the UX designer’s mission is to create a simple and pleasant user experience. Their job is to design systems that satisfy users throughout their searches, purchases, etc. At DirectStreams, we work along the same lines. Our technology is constantly evolving; thanks to this, we can bring even more fluidity to our intuitive tile-based interfaces. Two lines scrolling at the bottom of the screen for the “Grid” version and only one line scrolling at the bottom of the screen for the “Trail” version.

Tile-based interface by Direct Streams
Tile-based interface by Direct Streams DS First

Proper identification of your hotel

Your hotel or your group must conform to a graphic charter. It’s time to step it up a notch. You don’t need to go too far; just aim for the right thing. You need to refresh your image, and we have just the right tools for the job. With our flagship solution DS First, your guests can follow you via the WebApp; you can apply it in the room and/or in the common areas – “Grid” or “Trail” tile. You have the option to choose what works best for you. 

Your hotels = your rules 

Personalize your interfaces with ease; anyone can do it ! Thanks to this little piece of digital technology, showcase all your services.

   > Digital Hub : An innovative management and sharing platform

Distribute your content in real-time and deploy it to all your hotels with just one click 

> Calls to action for your guests 

Use your smart TV screens to entice your hotel guests to book a specific service or other hotel services 

> Remote management 

Remotely control the content of your screens on all your sites via your management platform 

> Display various multimedia content 

Display web pages, images or videos in the order and duration you want

Tile-based interface Digital Hub
Tile-based interface Yoga in the hotel

Increase your hotel's additional revenues

Boost your additional sales with DS First and our incredible Digital Hub platform thanks to our digital signage, and win over your guests in no time. We are convinced that visuals and accessibility can win the hearts of your guests. Suppose you choose to renew all your digital and IPTV installations. In that case, you will modernize both your equipment and your image: screens in common areas, in rooms, portals and interfaces… content distribution is ensured by an aesthetic and adapted display. Our tools allow you to create and broadcast your multimedia content in one or several places in your hotel in order to grab the attention of your audience. Are you convinced?

Here is a summary of the benefits of maximizing the customer experience in your hotels :

  1. Customization/Change of look > catches the guest’s attention 
  2. Easy-to-use > for employees and the group 
  3. Generates more profit > drives additional customer purchases
Tile-based interface by Direct Streams IPTV ENTERTAINEMENT SYSTEM

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What is IPTV, how does it work and how do I implement it in my hotel?

What is IPTV, how does it work and how do I implement it in my hotel?

Claire B.
Claire B.

Web Writer

Table of Contents

What is IPTV ? Is it possible to bring TV back into fashion in hotel rooms? Yes, but how?

By using the latest IPTV solutions, you can turn your hotel’s TV into a powerful communication tool for your guests. It’s no longer just a decorative TV screen, but a way to personalize your guests’ experience.


IPTV in hotels : a new dawn for television

Nowadays, we might think that television has had its day and may well be on its way to extinction. However, with the new IPTV solutions in hotels, it is once again becoming an essential element of communication and in-room entertainment for guests. With the constant evolution of technological trends, guests are opting more for the use of a smartphone or a tablet. Watching their favorite series on Netflix, an animated movie on Disney+ or entertaining themselves with YouTube videos would be more relevant than flipping through TV programs. Why waste time with the remote control?

For some time now, television has lost its usefulness. However, thanks to the new IPTV solutions for the hotel industry, in-room TV is rising from the ashes. It adapts to new customers and expands the diversity of functionalities to create an environment based on interactivity.

What is IPTV ?


IPTV or “Internet Protocol Television” is a communication protocol that allows the transmission and reception of television services via the Internet or any other IP reception medium.

Furthermore, IPTV is used in the hotel industry to characterize a TV solution that offers the addition of intelligent functions to the television, including a customizable interface with the establishment’s colors (logos, images, videos, fonts, etc.).

With an IPTV solution, the TV home portal can be customized by the hotel or used to communicate around an event during the stay (Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Christmas, etc.). The interface gives access to different services available via television.

Therefore, guests can watch their favorite shows at will and enjoy live programs like a traditional TV.

How does IPTV work in a hotel ?

A well-equipped hotel makes its guests happy. To achieve this, there is nothing better than efficient, high-performance and easy-to-use equipment. Every hotel must be furnished with high-performance multimedia equipment that meets expectations in order to offer quality service and provide added value to its guests.

When it comes to IPTV, the technology is based on the IP protocol, which means that it depends on a few key components : 

  • An underlying IP network infrastructure (Firewall, IGMP Switches and Middleware servers) 
  • IP terminals in the room such as Smart TV or Set-Top box (used for non-IP TVs)

Regarding the reception of TV channels, we can work on different types of infrastructure:

  • Either in Full IP: we will have an IPTV gateway that will convert satellite or terrestrial signals into IP signals in the technical room. Everything will be transmitted back to the Smart TV via the Ethernet/IP network, regardless of whether it’s the portal, TV streams, etc.
  • Alternatively, if you already have a Coax channel distribution infrastructure and an existing headend, which you want to keep, we can absolutely keep it in place. Obviously, the result will be totally transparent for the customer, so they will be on the interface that you see on the screen, and when they go to the TV channels, we will perform the source switch between the IP part and the terrestrial part.

The advantages of IPTV in the hotel industry : mirroring and streaming (Netflix, Disney+, etc.)

Two expressions that summarize the performance of IPTV: flexibility and user-friendliness


Advantages of content broadcasting :

Mirroring : smooth simultaneous broadcast of different programs (TV, cell phone, PC, tablet, etc.). This function is useful because guests do not need to search from the TV. With their smartphones or tablets, they can connect and broadcast their content to the TV set in the room with a few clicks.

Streaming : streaming platforms are very successful, especially with Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, OCS, etc. Many users have an account in these different platforms. Allow your customers to always be on the lookout for the latest series and follow them during their stay. Using these applications does not require you to subscribe to them. Guests will be able to access the streaming directly via Chromecast. Absolutely no fees !

Wi-Fi : a must-have technology that facilitates the process of connecting and using IPTV solutions. Not equipping your hotel with Wi-Fi is like tasting great champagne in a plastic cup, it’s unthinkable ! We can help you find the right Internet service provider, Wi-Fi terminals, software and captive portal… just let us know what you need.

Airplay and Chromecast : Airplay is an application that allows you to stream or share content from Apple devices on Apple TV, compatible smart TV or Mac. Your guests will love to use Airplay!

Chromecast is a connected device from Google that allows guests to comfortably access all their favorite entertainment from the hotel room TV. Let your guests “cast” !

Also check out our article on the benefits of Chromecast and Airplay

Customization and additional features :

Interface TV : the visual appeal is essential for seducing guests, whilst the fluidity of the tool cannot be overemphasized. An aesthetic interface is nice, but it must imperatively be functional and easy to use. At DirectStreams, it is presented in grids (one graphic grid per section). You can choose the vertical menu with the menu tree on the left for example. Your customers will be able to navigate and enjoy the features of the product with the interactivity of our DS One solution (greeting message, direct message from PMS, group message, Group Management, VOD, Cast, Mirroring, PMS Interface, TV Channels, etc.).

> PDF, Slideshow, Videos, Audios of available media.

In addition, via our Cloud back office, you will be able to centralize and manage IPTV interface profiles for all hotels in the same group.

Android, IOS, VOD : customers have various smartphones, android, iOS latest generations and want to have access to the best connection in hotels. With the range of IPTV services we offer, it is essential to provide Wi-Fi, VOD, Live TV, BYOD… for your hotel and keep your guests happy. Generally, packs of more than 90 movies in several languages are available in VOD with a monthly renewal done remotely on your servers directly (3-4 modified movies).

Personalization of message and additional services : Propose to personalize TV interfaces to the hotel’s colors or to match an event. For example : e.g., Valentine’s Day, Christmas, themed evenings, etc. Also, make your reservation services available via the interface, before or during the stay, whether it is for a SPA service, relaxation or another activity within the hotel. The more you anticipate your clients’ needs, the more satisfied they will be. The more they will be eager to check into your hotel and maybe make a future reservation !

Solutions by DirectStreams : benefits and easy installation

DS One !


At DirectStreams, we offer innovative and easy-to-install solutions, such as DS One and DS First. That are : flexible, hybrid, simple, and dynamic.

Our solution provides a premium experience for your guests and allows them to connect through our Web apps.

Customized to match the colors of your hotel, the web portal offers a contactless application accessible through a QR code. Your guests can use the features with just one scan, one click, and one touch. So, they will have access to all your services from their mobile devices (iOS and Android) without having to download anything from app stores.

With this application, your customers will be able to prepare their stay by booking various services, organize their trip as they wish and arrive without worrying about on-site reservations. Without any hassle, they will board the plane with peace of mind. Access to the application is available both in the hotel and outside during the stay.

DS one offers a wide range of services to provide great customer experience including:

➢ Pre Check-in

➢ Virtual remote control

➢ Online Store

➢ Hotel information and special offers

➢ Product and service discovery

➢ Concierge service


DS First !


Interactivity is central to our solutions. Your guests will discover the wealth of your content and will not be able to do without your high-tech equipment.

With DS First, discover the ultimate entertainment experience for hotel guests.

In addition to DS One contactless services, your guests will be able to enjoy live TV channels, VOD movies and streaming services on the TV in their room. 

This service is a brand-new combination of an in-room IPTV solution with an interactive captive portal and a WebApp for your guest’s mobile devices.

DS First is all about guest satisfaction!

  • Integrated Google Chromecast
  • Integrated AirPlay
Tile-based interface by Direct Streams DS First

This solution features four highlights that are guaranteed to deliver customer satisfaction to your guests:

– Unlimited and personalized entertainment: your guests will enjoy their favorite channels, streaming services in all serenity. You won’t need to subscribe to any platforms.

– Centralized configuration and management

– Unforgettable experience: Your guests will be able to use Chromecast and Airplay without ever seeing them, in a matter of seconds!

– Unbeatable return on investment: no need to equip every room, use 15% of devices to serve as many guests as possible.

With DS First, maximize quality and save on quantity.  


Why opt for our solutions ?

At DirectStreams, we focus on quality and guarantee the best experience for your customers. Our digital solutions are built to help hospitality companies meet their customers’ needs, build loyalty and increase business.

Then, our products are fully customizable through our Digital Hub back office. You also benefit from 24/7 remote support.

To learn more, feel free to visit our website:

interactive multimedia hotel management platform

Satisfied customers equal regular customers, and that’s just the beginning.

But that’s not all.

Feel free to contact us and participate in our demonstration at our showroom or remotely. We will then be able to project the content of the solution in your room as if you were present, knowing that the interface can be customized via our Cloud back-office. A new unique and friendly adventure awaits you with DirectStreams.

So are you curious to discover what our solution and interfaces look like ?

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Digital Hub : a unique multi-property hotel management system

Digital Hub : a unique multi-property hotel management system

Claire B.
Claire B.

Web Writer

Table of Contents

Our essential tool that makes life easier for the various hotels we work with needs no introduction. Do you want to renew your IPTV installations, offer the possibility to use mirroring services such as Chromecast and AirPlay and control the VOD catalogs available? Do you want to manipulate an hotel management platform like no one else in order to better configure your hotel room profiles? Would you like to group all your hotels into one access point? It is possible if you read the following carefully!


Boost your hotel group with a dynamic management platform


For several years now, we have been implementing a solution specific to DirectStreams: Digital Hub. This administrative interface is a content management platform (CMS) that facilitates the administration and publication of media content (images, videos, audio, pdf, etc.). It also makes it possible to synchronize the management of multiple accounts and user levels (support, administrator, personalization, etc.).

We are concerned about the difficulties that hotel groups may encounter. A good facility alone is no longer sufficient, it is necessary to be able to meet customers’s needs with the best technology on the market. To offer a unique experience, let’s start with an excellent management from an intuitive and flexible interface. Indeed, being able to manage the content of each in-room profile generates positive reviews and interaction of the services offered by the hotel. To manage multiple properties, operations are centralized on the Digital Hub.  

Manage your hotels' communication from our back-office

Creating a relationship with your customers is like starting a new love story based on trust and communication. From our back office, communication with your customers is made easy. A request for information arrives on the platform, you receive a notification and you can respond directly by message to the room concerned.

Nowadays, writing a message is easier than calling or going directly to the hotel reception. Guests are more comfortable than ever with this remote digital system. You can easily set up a personalized communication. This way, you can opt for a 100% autonomous use of our products and services.


Maximize your sales, get reservations and orders seconds!

Many of our partners and collaborators recommend the interface made in DirectStreams! Whether it is before or during their stay, selling your services can have an added value in the eyes of your customers. Thanks to an easy-to-access and user-friendly interface, you can receive orders and reservations live. Handle your customers’ requests while maximizing your employees’ time.

Thanks to a free management, you can use and seamlessly configure customer profiles: VOD, streaming, in-room messages from the PMS (Property Management System). New hotel trends are within your reach. By adopting online services for each of your properties, you are ensuring a better investment in marketing and distribution. Optimize your performance and easily manage your online reviews.

Benefits of using our multi-property management system

interactive multimedia hotel management platform

With Digital Hub, you can explore several features such as:

  • Duplicate, customize and share common services for your entire hotel group
  • Integrate content on another property
  • Remotely check profile updates and room visuals (preview interfaces on TV screen)
  • Download content quickly
  • Check the availability of VOD catalogs
  • Manage various cloud features

Thanks to DirectStreams’ solution, each hotel can easily customize its guest interfaces as well as those of the common areas. By choosing the desired services, you can treat your guests to more than just a dream suite and stunning views! Also, during an event, if you want to personalize the profile with the colors of the event in every participant’s room, just create a specific profile. It’s up to you to think big!

That’s why the Digital Hub is a tailor-made solution for an efficient management of your hotels (customer reservation, personalization of the interfaces in the room, display of the different paid or included services…). Bookmark us now!

Note: at each check-out, all customer data is deleted.

Having a problem on the hotel management platform, need help?

Don’t panic, DirectStreams has a support team that is ready to listen to you and can offer you a reminder at any time on the different steps to take. We focus on customer relations and quality services.

In case of failure or misunderstanding about the management of our Digital Hub back-office, we accompany you until the problem is solved.

Are you intrigued by our multi-property management system? We are happy to answer all your questions.


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Hotel: How to encourage guests to spend more via their in-room TV?

Hotel guest experience : How to encourage guests to spend more via their in-room TV?

Claire B.
Claire B.

Web Writer

Table of Contents

Hotel: How to encourage guests to spend more via their in-room TV?

More than ever, hotel guest experience is a key issue in the hotel industry. So why not rely on an attractive and efficient platform to attract your guests by using in-room TVs? You are probably thinking: “should we install VOD or Netflix in our hotel rooms? we got it all”. Wrong! Let’s step it up a notch! With technology constantly evolving, the demand for remote services on the rise, it’s time to take a look at these new habits that must be considered. For example, with the current health crisis and environmental concerns, we are favoring digital content and phasing out paper media.

So, are you curious to discover our offer? This article is for you!


Optimize your guests' arrival with our back-office interface : Digital Hub

Every hotel has specific objectives to attract customers to their establishment rather than to other hotels. Being far from home sometimes imposes constraints on your business or vacation. It is therefore essential to make your guest’s stay pleasant by offering them a range of entertainment and interactive activities.

At DirectStreams, we offer two solutions to equip your rooms: DS One and DS First.

With our back-office, Digital Hub, you can configure your guests’ interface and even customize it for a specific occasion (wedding, St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas, Easter, etc.). To give your guests a warm welcome in their hotel room, a personalized welcome message always makes an impact! Thanks to the PMS and its remote connection, you and your team can set up the room.

Furthermore, the interface presented in the room works in graphic tiles per heading and can be transposed to the left of the screen or to the right in a tree-like fashion. You are free to configure the layout of the menu, choose the headings or set the number of menus. To display the hotel’s content (images, videos, slideshows…), you can integrate them as a menu in the interface and make them run in a loop, for example. It’s flexible, simple and aesthetic! 

And to top it all off, we offer you new user training to familiarize you with our service.

Promote your hotel's activities through TV!


Have you opened a casino in your hotel? Would you like to promote your latest activities without forcing your way and increase your additional sales?

We’ve got you covered! Preparing for the arrival of customers is like rolling out the red carpet, you use your best resources. Indeed, if the trip has been long, what could be better than discovering a comfortable, spacious, well-equipped room or suite that meets the guest’s expectations. Thanks to our solutions, you can display on the TV screen the different activities and events not to be missed during their stay in your hotel. 

For example, your marketing team has set up an advertising video or a slideshow summarizing an upcoming Karaoke or Casino night, it is essential to display it on the TV screen of each room.

Depending on the different customers, you adapt the content and the proposals according to their needs and desires. In a few seconds, a set of colors and images, a catchy message, an effective promotion can make the difference and convince your customers to stop by!

How to set up payment on in-room TV: offer reservation services

What you need to know, your guests can already start using the WebApp of our solution before arrival. After confirming their reservation by email, you can send them the link to the application. They will then be able to access information and make reservations to better prepare their trip. Before or during their stay, in or out of the hotel, they have access to the application. Keep in mind that today’s generation spends most of their time glued to their smartphones. So your customers will have no problem checking out any information via their mobiles rather than on the TV.

After their arrival, your guests can consult the hotel’s menu or buy and book a service (massage, SPA, tourism, food…). A digital room service has all the chances to provide a unique experience in your hotel, as well as to leverage your employees’ time rather than answering the phones. Here is some information you can find on the TV screen: 

  • Check-in Check-out service
  • Access to media content
  • Various services offered by the hotel
  • Access to the menu 
  • Hotel rules
  • And much more!

By highlighting your multiple services, you will encourage your guests to place orders and reservations. This way, your hotel can generate more sales and increase your revenue.

With our turnkey solutions, your hotel group or your hotel will be equipped with efficient, reliable and easy-to-use products and services.

Would you like to find out more about our offers and get advice about our solutions?

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Chromecast Streaming

How to improve customer experience with Chromecast “cast”

How to improve customer experience with Chromecast "cast"

Claire B.
Claire B.

Web Writer

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How to improve customer experience with Chromecast "cast"

Nowadays, every review counts, especially in the hotel industry. A positive review will propel your hotel online at the click of a mouse, while a negative review is less well received, but will nevertheless provide balance to improve bad ratings.

So the question is: how do you collect reviews online after a stay in one of your hotels?

Make guests feel at home by highlighting your IPTV facilities and in-room TV entertainment.

There are many certified review sites that populate search engines. Through reviews, your online reputation is built and becomes an essential part of your future bookings.

The more reviews you generate on the internet, the more visible your hotel is!

Keeping hotel guests happy is not always an easy task. However, by making sure they have access to entertainment content, you open the doors to the interactivity available to guests. Let’s not mince words, they are fond of the latest technology! And to make them feel at home, there’s nothing better than having a streaming tool to watch series or movies on demand.

There’s a must-have that your hotel can’t do without: Chromecast.


Reasons to adopt Chromecast in your hotel

Google’s Chromecast is a connected device that allows you to stream content from your smartphone to your TV. Content streams to the TV screen in seconds using a Wi-Fi connection. With this broadcasting feature, hotel guests can enjoy a tool that meets their needs without having to install anything.

More than 2,000 applications are compatible with the Chromecast. For example, connect to Play Films, select the desired content with your smartphone or Android device. Go to the “cast” button that appears when you are connected to Wi-Fi and within seconds, you are playing an episode of Friends on the TV.

Moreover, the size of our small screens (tablet, smartphone) cannot compete with that of the TV or a smart TV. That’s why adopting Google’s Chromecast improves customer experience. All they have to do is bring their cell phones, Android devices, smartphones, tablets…and they’re all set!

Google Chromecast is also:

  • Easy to install
  • Less expensive than an IPTV or broadcast solution
  • Simple to set up

With Chromecast, you can broadcast your applications, games, and videos without having to make any connections in hotel rooms. The customer is king and clearly benefits from a connected room with free and unhindered data management. If you want to increase your company’s revenue, think about the marketing strategy and the digital means in which you will invest.

Cast seamlessly from Netflix to OCS to Amazon Prime Video or even video games and apps like Spotify and Deezer!

To find out more, read our article dedicated to the advantages of Chromecast and AirPlay here!

Use it like at home

With technology, we can do great things! So by greeting your customers with a personalized welcome message, they can start using Chromecast right away. The on-screen instructions guide your guests to familiarize themselves with the various features. The digital experience in the hotel room will pay off! TV fans can watch their favorite shows live. It’s even possible to cast replay programs from multiple DTT channels.


An investment like this will boost your online reputation! Being on vacation means enjoying the so-called “dolce vita”. So, offering the possibility to use streaming platforms or to broadcast via smartphone on the TV will seduce your Guests.

By offering streaming via Google devices, you will prioritize the comfort and experience of your customers. Forget the traditional use of TV and refresh its functions. Meeting customer expectations means investing in affordable, high-performance solutions and services. Today, an in-room Wi-Fi connection is no longer enough for them. With Netflix, VOD, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video and all the other streaming platforms or apps, we have entered a digital era where it is essential to offer the best customer experience in hotels. So let Guests have the choice to take their favorite series and games right to their room!

Finally, it is important to note that it is possible to cast via the computer directly with Google Chrome. Look for the option in the software’s menu, which allows you to project a browser tab on your TV. From an Android or smartphone, you can also broadcast your Google Sheets spreadsheets to your family or colleagues on TV screens. On a business trip or with your family, casting becomes easy and indispensable!

A turnkey solution : DS First

If you want to offer your customers the ability to broadcast multimedia content on the TVs in their hotel rooms, think of DS First!

Customer satisfaction is paramount, so you need to equip your hotel properly. A good system should make broadcasting easier for users and in no way add to the workload of the entire staff. Google’s tool is the best way to achieve this. However, if you want a flawless installation and the best performance, you should try the DirectStreams solution: DS First.

DS First is not only a solution that offers interactivity in the various hotels. It is a digitalization of all customer needs and know-how for hotels.

  • Flexibility
  • Ease of use
  • Reliability

For security reasons, we install Chromecast kits in the technical rooms. In case of malfunction, we do not intervene in the room, ensuring professionalism and discretion. Also, in order not to deprive your guests of their entertainment, if a device no longer works, another one takes over. It’s as simple as using a remote control!

No inconvenience will disrupt your guests’ stay. We guarantee you 24/7 assistance, 365 days a year.

Do not hesitate to visit our website to find out about our different services. And if you are interested, contact us without further delay!

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Airplay Chromecast Streaming

Benefits of Chromecast and Airplay in improving hotel guest experience

Benefits of Chromecast and Airplay in improving hotel guest experience

Claire B.
Claire B.

Web Writer

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Benefits of Chromecast and Airplay to improving hotel guest experience

It’s great to be on vacation. But, feeling at home is what most travelers are looking for. Today, in 2022, we have a hard time detaching ourselves from our favorite series, our online habits, our entertainment on YouTube, Spotify, Disney + for the younger ones (and adults!).

In this new era, hotel guests’ needs are changing. To improve their experience in your hotel, nothing beats the right installations! It’s important to provide guests with an unforgettable stay and optimal comfort.

Guests may want to watch TV shows, sports, reruns after a busy day on their tablets, smart TVs or mobile devices. 

So let’s take a look at the benefits of these various technologies like Chromecast and Airplay, the little things that work wonders.


What is Chromecast ?

Chromecast is a connected device that links your smartphone to your TV. It is a multimedia accessory that was launched by Google in 2015. 

In a typical setup, a Chromecast plugs into the HDMI port of your television. You then simply connect it to the internet via Wi-Fi with another device like your smartphone, tablet or computer. Once installed and connected to a compatible application, you can watch your current series on a streaming platform, listen to your favorite playlist or organize a “slideshow” evening by viewing your latest vacation photos from among the 1001 applications available on the device (Netflix, Prime Video, OCS, MyCanal, Spotify, Deezer …). 

The multimedia content will appear on your TV screen in a few seconds.

What is AirPlay ?


Airplay is a technology that offers the possibility to broadcast or share videos, photos or songs from your Apple devices on Apple TV using the Bonjour protocol.

To use either application, you simply need a Wi-Fi connection and compatible devices and applications.

So if your guests have the latest iPhone or a MacBook and are not plugged into Windows, they will be able to take advantage of this feature because we all know that with Apple technology, connections and devices must be compatible.

Thus, your ultra-connected customers will be able to follow the news on the networks, use the TV screen available in their room 2.0. 

Being on the lookout for new technological trends helps you to win the loyalty of each new customer and make their stay even more enjoyable.

What are the benefits of installing Chromecast and Airplay in your hotel ?

There are many Benefits of Chromecast to installing Google Chromecast in hotels. In addition to making life easier for your guests, its setup, use and manipulation are very satisfying. This device is not only said to be “easy” but it is very affordable. Also, its compatibility with multiple devices can make a difference to your customer base.

For most people, Chromecast is a tool to stream TV shows and videos without having cable since you can use the TV in the hotel room and watch what you want from websites or apps as well as other TV channels with online content. 

Thanks to Chromecast, your guests can connect via the applications on their phones, always feeling at home and without having to change their little daily habits.

They won’t have to install or configure their apps, or enter their credentials for a new authentication. Customers simply have to scan the QR code on the TV screen to connect. It’s all about sharing with a couple of swipes.

  • Ease
  • Efficiency
  • Speed

Guaranteeing high-tech services means offering a range of gadgets available to hotel guests. Building customer loyalty, collecting positive reviews of your structure regarding the firmness of king size mattresses to the Wi-Fi connection prove to be very useful to increase your booking rate and ensure a better visibility in the hotel business.

This is why installing connected devices would be a great asset for your future bookings.

Opt for the DirectStreams solution

We care about the needs of your hotel and your guests. 

DirectStreams offers a complete range of interactive products for hotels, combined with easy-to-use features for all types of screens (tablet, smartphone, television…).

We have a scalable platform that allows hotels to easily build their ideal solution and choose the features they want to offer to their guests. (Wi-Fi, VOD, TV, Chromecast/Airplay, WebApps…)

The customer needs to be comfortable, so if one of them encounters a malfunction in their room or suite, we have the unique ability to install Chromecasts and Apple TVs in the hotel’s technical room and to intervene without causing the slightest disturbance. No intervention is envisaged in the guests’ rooms. Out of sight, out of mind!

In addition, at DirectStreams, we provide kits with a number of available simultaneous channels, Chromecast and Airplay sessions, and generally size them to 10% of the hotel rooms.

In the event that a Chromecast or Apple TV stops working, the other streaming devices seamlessly take over and cover the connection for your guests. 

Note that since the devices are not installed behind the TVs in your establishment, you can opt for anti-theft and camouflage of high-tech objects.

The streaming and mirroring* service is available in your room at a much more attractive price to ensure the proper use of our IPTV** solutions and other new technologies. 

Indeed, we offer a unique experience and excellent performance of our products. We have more than one trick up our sleeve.

We are your friendly solution, the 007 agent for your network problems :

  • 24/7 continuous remote support
  • A quality after-sales service
  • Discretion and professionalism
  • An unfailing know-how 

How to use the DirectStreams service ?

Airplay and Chromecast are no mystery to all their users and they offer a great experience to your customers, whatever their stay (business or family trip).

We offer customizable products through our “Digital Hub” back-office. You also benefit from a 24/7 remote support service. 

Quick and easy set-up, competitive cost served on a platter with our DS First solution, a new combination of an in-room IPTV solution with an interactive portal and WebApp for your customers’ mobile devices.

“Enjoy every moment, feel at home wherever you are”.

Would you like to welcome your potential guests with these words and make them feel at home in your hotel? 

The service we offer is up to the task, so don’t wait any longer

  • Are you interested in Chromecast and Airplay?
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*Mirroring: duplicate images from a mobile device to a TV screen

** IPTV: or IP Television is a form of television broadcast via a network that uses Internet Protocol (examples: video on demand, game on demand…)

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Discover one of our IPTV experiences: free VOD to customers

Discover one of our IPTV experiences : free VOD to customers

Claire B.
Claire B.

Web Writer

Table of Contents

Discover one of our IPTV experiences : free VOD to customers

In today’s digital age, hotel managers must be able to meet the expectations and satisfaction of their guests. Improving the customer experience has become a difficult but an essential task to uphold your online reputation. With the quality of services and technologies (Wi-Fi, internet link, type of content offered on in-room TVs, Chromecast and Airplay streaming…) made available to them, customer experience will be further enhanced and their feedback will boost your reputation on the internet and Discover one of our IPTV experiences.

In order to set yourself apart from the competition, promote loyalty, but also attract new customers to increase your revenue, investing in a content-rich and interactive in-room TV system becomes necessary.

During their stay, your guests are constantly on the lookout for entertainment options. Impress your guests with the latest Hollywood movies! So go ahead and install free VOD with DirectStreams!


Install Free VOD with Hollywood Movies for your guests !

At DirectStreams, we offer solutions adapted to your customers’ needs. Among the multitude of our services, we offer VOD Free to Guest. With video on demand, you can offer a wide selection of 100% Hollywood movies to your guests. 

Complete packages of 24, 48 or 96 films available in multiple languages:

  • Hollywood movies: latest releases 
  • Children’s movies: cartoons and animated films
  • Packages: flat rate or free for customers
  • Adult movies: available on demand

With a monthly renewal made remotely, you can update your content (3-4 movies changed).

That’s why DirectStreams offers multiple services to satisfy your guests. The right solution to free VOD is DS First! The more content you offer, the more your guests will appreciate the built-in comfort in each room. Comedies, action, blockbusters, animations…you will have a wide selection of movies accessible from the TVs in the hotel room. Without obligation, guests can watch movies or rent them in high-definition (if you want to make them pay-per-view). 

Disney, Marvel, Pixar...offer free VOD to your customers !

If you choose a reliable, efficient and effective IPTV solution, rich in content and interactivity, your guests won’t be able to do without your free to guest entertainment. In addition to Hollywood movies, they will also enjoy a wide range of Disney, Marvel and Pixar movies.

In recent years, the price of Free to Guest content has risen significantly. It is therefore essential to look for competitively priced packages. However, quality should not be overlooked! A reliable offer is an out-of-the-box solution with the ability to grow as your hotel grows.

Watching movies for free, having access to the latest movies in VOST or available in multiple languages ensures good entertainment and without registration.

How does it work ?

Nothing could be simpler, at DirectStreams we adapt to the existing infrastructure of your hotel, whether you are equipped with Full IP or a hybrid network (Wi-Fi & coaxial).

Typically, our hotel customers subscribe to packages offered free of charge to in-room guests, consisting of:

  • 24 Hollywood movies, 
  • 24 Disney movies, 
  • and 48 adult films 

A monthly renewal takes place remotely on the ‘On Premise’ servers that we install within your hotel:

  • 3 or 4 multilingual films changed each month
  • 4 to 6 languages depending on the availability from the studios

For security reasons, VOD catalogs are encrypted from the servers to the TV set.

In the room, VOD service is presented in the form of film posters with a simple description per film. 

Select the available language and watch the movie in your room (see below).

If you want to delight your film-loving customers, install these streaming platform and free VOD in every room! This will enhance customer experience as well as boost your revenue.

Want to know more about our solutions? Let’s get in touch!

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